Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (Part 10 – Mask of All-Seeing, Trapped Älva)

Stuck in Röki? This walkthrough will guide you through making the Mask of All-Seeing and freeing the trapped Älva in the Poisoned Forest.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 2 (Contd.)

How do I make the Mask of All-Seeing?

After you complete the Mask of Invisibility, you will get a new list of items to procure. This list has: The orb of an eye-orb fungus, one portion of Newt Spawn, an Owl Skull, and three Bluecap toadstools.

Röki screenshot

After you have acquired these items, put each of them in the cauldron and pick up the mask that’s produced. You can swap masks by pressing the mask button from before.

Where do I find the Eye-Orb Fungus?

There are three in the main hub of the Poisoned Forest, but the one you can pick up is located to the right of the purple pool, next to the door leading to the East side of the forest.

Remember to put on your Mask of Invisibility of you haven’t already, and run up to the fungus to the left of the door leading to the East area. Interact with the eye-orb fungus there to pick up the orb.

Where do I find the Owl Skull?

The Owl Skull can be found in the North area of the Poisoned Forest, which can be accessed by going up a staircase of brown mushrooms. These mushrooms can be found to the left of the where the Stag Guardian’s lair is.

Remember that to access this area, you will have to put your Invisibility mask on if you haven’t already.

When you enter this area, go all the way to the left and you’ll find some owl pellets on the incline going up. Go up the incline and use your dagger on the tentacles blocking the cave to the left.

After getting rid of the tentacles, the Owl Skull is yours.

Where do I find the Newt Spawn?

The Newt Spawn can be found in a small pool in the East area of the Poisoned Forest. Just go East, make sure your Mask of Invisibility is on, and pass through the door into the East area.

Here, go right a little, and just before the huge purple pool, there’s a small purple pool with some white stuff in it. Use your glass jar on the Newt Spawn to get it.

Where do I find the three Bluecap toadstools?

Each of the three Bluecap toadstools are located in the three new areas you can access with the Mask of Invisibility.

In the North area, use your dagger on the tentacles that are blocking the cave on the lower side of the area. This is the first cave that you see when you enter the area, so it’s not the one with the owl skull. Pick up the blue toadstool inside the cave.

In the Stag Guardian’s lair, go up the stairs and you’ll find the bluecap mushroom to the right of the path going up. This one’s hard to see because the camera doesn’t zoom in, so use your object-flashing button!

In the East area, run ‘upwards’ past the green mushrooms and towards the singular tentacle near the ledge. Here, you’ll find a toadstool that’s blue, amidst some regular toadstools. Pick it up.

How do I see the invisible creature in the North area and fetch its staff?

For this quest, first go to the North area of the forest. Put on your Owl mask once inside, and approach the purple cage-like fungus next to the incline you climbed before. Talk to the creature inside.

The älva will give you a key to his house, but you need to figure out which one. You can go knocking on the älva houses throughout the forest, but the correct one is located in the North-East area of the forest.

Röki screenshot

Go get there, go into the main hub of the Poisoned Forest, and use your Owl mask to reveal a staircase of fungus leading to a door high above the purple pool. Remember to use your Ram mask to get in.

Once in the North-East area, put on your Owl mask and go past the purple pool using the newly-appeared fungus. Use the key from your inventory on the second-to-right house (the one next to the tree).

Röki screenshot

Once you have the wand, return to the älva in the North area, put on your Owl mask again, and use the wand on the cage fungus. This will free the älva.

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