Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (Part 11 – Nattabloom, Mushrooms, Poison)

Stuck in Röki? This walkthrough will guide you through finding the Nattabloom samples, planting and enlarging mushrooms, and using the poison.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 2 (Contd.)

Where do I find the Nattabloom samples?

For this quest, you first need to free the älva and acquire its staff (or wand, as you might prefer to call it). This staff will be necessary to make things larger and smaller.

Each of the Nattabloom samples can be found in the North, North-East, and East areas of the forest.

How do I acquire the Nattabloom sample in the North Area?

For the North area of the forest, go up the incline in the North Area and cross the gap now that you have expanded the cage fungus. When the tentacles block you, use your Ram mask to get past them.

Once on the right side of the tentacle ring, put on your Owl mask again and go up the fungus staircase. When you reach the end of this staircase, use your wand on the small fungus to expand it.

Step onto the enlarged fungus and repeat the expansion on the next fungus. Then do this one more time, and you’ll be in reach of the Nattabloom. Use your dagger to grab a sample.

How do I acquire the Nattabloom sample in the East Area?

In the East area, head to the far right of the screen wearing the Owl mask and then go up the incline, near the fallen tree trunk.

Here, use your wand on the small fungus on the right side of the big gap (the detection can be a bit fiddly, so make sure the fungus is highlighted when you use your wand).

As before, enlarge the next two sets of small fungi to cross them and step onto the big fungus. Head to the left to find a gap, and a pile of mulch. You can’t get to the Nattabloom sample yet, but you might be able to grow something that can lead you there.

Head out to the Hub area and use your wand on the mushroom staircase leading to the North area. Use your trowel on the staircase to pick it up.

Return to the pile of mulch that in the East area, and use your mushroom saircase on the pile of mulch. Use your wand on the mushroom staircase to enlarge it and reach the Nattabloom. Use your dagger to get a sample of it.

After acquiring the Nattabloom sample, use your wand to make the mushroom staircase smaller, use the trowel to remove it from the mulch, and then plant it back where it was originally found. Then, enlarge it so that you can once again access the North area.

How do I acquire the Nattabloom sample in the North-East Area?

This one is the trickiest to do, and it requires you to first obtain three mushrooms that will grow and serve as platforms for you.

One mushroom can be found in the East area, next to the älva house to the left of the incline. Remember to use your trowel to extract it.

Another mushroom can be found in the North-East area itself, to the right of the fungus bridge. It is also next to an älva house, but this house has a ‘V’ symbol on it.

The third mushroom is in the North Area. Go up the incline and enter the ring of tentacles using your Ram mask. Stand in the mushroom ring, and use your Owl mask. Use the piled up snow in the mushroom ring, and then proceed into the cave that’s uncovered. Use your wand to make the mushroom smaller and use the trowel to pick it up.

Röki screenshot

Once you have the three mushrooms, return to the North-East area and go ‘upwards’ to the three piles of mulch where you will grow your mushrooms.

You need to place the mushrooms in the pile of mulch in the following order, from left to right: Tall, Medium, Small. You can find out which mushroom is which by examining it in the inventory.

Use your wand on each of the mushrooms to make them bigger. Now head back up the incline to the right and step onto the first big mushroom. Use your wand to make the flat fungus larger and step on it, then onto the next mushroom. Repeat the process until you get to the Nattabloom. Use your dagger on it to make get a sample.

How do I awaken the Stag Guardian?

After you have acquired all three Nattabloom samples, return to Shroomi’s cave down the stairs. Toss each of the three samples into the cauldron.

Once you have the poison, enter the Stag Guardian’s lair and go up to the green mushroom that’s blocking the horn. Use your sword on the poison in the inventory, so that you get a poison-coated sword. Now use the poison-coated sword on the green mushroom.

Röki screenshot

This won’t awaken the Stag Guardian, but you’ll go straight into a vision.

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