Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (Part 2 – Wolf Puzzles, Wolf Staff, Nokken)

Stuck in Röki? This walkthrough will guide you through solving the Wolf puzzles, locating the Wolf staff, and escaping the Nokken.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 2 (Contd.)

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How do I solve the first Wolf puzzle?

After using your sharpened dagger to cut through the tentacular growths to the West of the sunken cabin, you will reach the domain of wolves. Here, you will encounter a puzzle with four slidable wolf statues.

To solve this puzzle, you need to first stand on the tile with the eye symbol, near the entrance to this puzzle room. Notice how the wolves in the back are dark, while the wolf statues are light?

You need to align the wolf statues so that when you stand on the eye tile, the light wolf statues completely obscure the dark wolves in the background. This will take some trial and error as you push back and forth, but it’s a fairly simple puzzle.

Once all statues are positioned correctly, the door will open on its own, without you having to check on the eye tile.

How do I solve the second Wolf puzzle?

Here, you have several concentric rings (and a central disc), which have to be aligned so that they form one of the constellations on the pillars surrounding you.

The constellation you need to replicate is the second one from the right. As Tove suggests, getting the outer ring right is a good way to go ahead with this puzzle.

You can move the outer ring with the right-hand-side wheel. Move it so that the ‘arm’ of the constellation is facing downwards and positioned on the left.

You can then use the bottom wheel to move the larger ‘dark’ ring to align with the outermost ring.

The real trick is the innermost rings, which move together with the left-hand-side wheel, but of which, the dark ring also moves with the bottom wheel. Here, you’ll need to predict where each ring will end up with each wheel roll – or just keep going with trial and error (the latter worked for me).

Röki walkthrough

Where do I find the location of the Wolf Staff?

When you reach the cliff with the wolf staff, head to the left to find a couple of hands carved out of ice. Examine them to find a path into the cave.

Enter the cave and go as far in as you can to talk to Fossegrim. He will give you the hint you need: that a troll had the Wolf staff.

Return to Trollhilde and talk to her to gain the next clue, that the staff is with Trollhulde, a Trollsister who makes good tea.

To find Trollhulde, go right from the Mother Tree and towards the watermill. Halfway along that path, you will see the entrance to Trollhulde’s dwelling. The entrance is a hollowed-out tree trunk.

Röki walkthrough

Talk to Trollhulde and she will inform you that she threw the staff into a pond. She will also break down a tree and give you access to the pond.

Cross the tree to reach the pond area. Here, you should free the Waytree first, and then pick up the lily in the pond. This will lead you to an interesting development.

Free yourself of your binds by moving in any direction, and then walk to the right of the screen to find the Wolf Staff you were looking for.

How do I escape the Nokken?

After finding the location of the Wolf Staff in the Nokken’s cave, pick up the Teddy Bear on the wooden crib.

Use the Teddy Bear on the water and then quickly run to the left. Remember to run from the back of the room so as to not be blocked by the bigger tentacle. If you don’t get your timing right, you will simply have to pick up the teddy bear and drop it in the water again.

Once you get past that tentacle, you enter the second area of the Nokken’s domain. Here, pick up these items: the doll on the rocking horse, the yellow wellies (boots), the blue fabric on the wooden toy ship, and the red bowl. You’ll find the red bowl in the lower drawer, underneath the whale statue. You will have to first open the upper drawer to access the lower drawer.

Use the wellies, fabric, and bowl on the doll. Now attempt to leave the area by going left, and the Nokken will grab you. Notice the wooden box it places you on, and use the completed doll on the wooden box.

After the doll is placed, run left, through the tunnel and use the stone door at the other end to escape the Nokken’s domain.

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