Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (Part 3 – Fossegrim, Stones, Flute, Food)

Stuck in Röki? This walkthrough will guide you through charging the thirsty stones, finding the flute, and acquiring the food for Fossegrim.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 2 (Contd.)

What do I need to do to retrieve the Wolf Staff?

You will need to deal with the Nokken first, and then find a way to enter its underwater cave. We will dealing with the Nokken in the next part of this walkthrough, but if you are to enter the underwater cave, you will first need to learn to manipulate the water.

How do I gain the ability to manipulate water?

When you first met Fossegrim in his cave near the cliff, he will have informed you that you can learn how to manipulate the water if you satisfy him.

To satisfy him, you will need to bring him three charged ‘thirsty stones’ (which he will already given to you in uncharged form), as well as an instrument to enchant, and an offering of food.

Follow the guide below to acquire the necessary items, and then return to Fossegrim’s cavern and give him the three stones, one by one, then the ham, and then the flute.

This will enchant your flute.

How do I charge the thirsty stones?

To charge one stone, enter the cave to the right of the Nokken’s pond and use the Thirsty Stones on the little pool of water in the cave.

To charge the second stone, go to the Trollhilde’s bridge and use the Thirsty Stones on the small stream of water flowing under the bridge.

To charge the third stone, go to the Poisoned Forest. This area can be accessed by cutting down the tentacular growths in the area behind the watermill. Head straight past the petrified troll to reach the Poisoned Forest, where you’ll find a purple-coloured pool to the right of the screen. Use the final Thirsty Stone on the purple pool to charge it.

Where do I find the instrument to enchant?

Trollhilde has a flute that you can use, but she won’t give it to you. You’ll have to put her to sleep with a special tea.

Head to Trollhulde’s cave (the troll near the watermill) and examine the recipe book. Keep using the book until you encounter the Sleepy Tea.

The recipe calls for a Sopor Lily (which you will already have if you escaped the Nokken), a Whispervine flower, and a Valerian flower of the mountain variety.

For the Whispervine Flower, head to the church and go indoors. Head to the back (near where the Parish Register was), and use the ladder in the room to the right. Climb the second ladder to get above the bell, and then pick up the yellow flower.

For the Valerian flower, go to the cliff with the single Wolf Staff and climb the rocky wall found to the right of the entrance to Fossegrim’s cave. Here you’ll find another cave, but you’ll also find the Valerian flower to the left of the cave.

Return to Tollhulde’s cave and use the three flowers on the mortar and pestle (it’s next to the recipe book). After you’ve ground up the flowers, pick up the powder and go to Trollhilde’s cave.

Here, use the matches on the fire stove to get a fire going. Next, use the powder on the pot. After Trollhilde falls asleep, grab the flute.

Röki screenshot

Where do I find the offering of food?

Go to the Yule Cat’s burrow. This can be found in a small clearing between Trollhulde’s cave and the spiky pit. Upon encountering the Yule Cat, you will learn that he needs his fur black.

You can find some ash to make his fur black at Trollhilde’s cave (after having escaped from the Nokken), but you will first need something to collect it in.

Go to the Poisoned Forest (where you charged one of the Thirsty Stones) and examine the stone pillar to the left of the purple pool.

It has some runes on it. Keep these runes in mind and then head to the stone circle on the other side of the clearing. Here, you will find three stone discs with the runes on them. You simply have to rotate the discs to read the runes correctly, as shown on the pillar you just saw. Check the image below to find out how to align them.

Röki screenshot

When you align them correctly, a set of spiral stairs will be revealed. Go down the stairs. In this underground cave, grab the glass jar on the table to the left-hand-side of the screen.

Attempt to leave the cave and you will encounter a conversation. After the conversation, examine the paper near the stairs. This is not relevant to the present puzzle, but you will need this for another puzzle.

Exit the cave and return to Trollhilde’s cave. Use the glass jar on the black ash (it’s in a puddle to the right of the fire).

Return to the Yule Cat’s burrow and use the jar of ash on the Yule Cat. When the Yule Cat turns dark and starts looking in the mirror, grab the Ham that’s roasting over the fire.

After this, follow the instructions above to enchant the flute.

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