Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (Part 5 – Wolf Guardian Vision)

Stuck in Röki? This walkthrough will guide you through escaping the vision you find yourself in when you meet the Wolf Guardian.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 2 (Contd.)

How do I escape the Wolf Guardian Vision?

When you find yourself back at the cabin, go to the well and pick up the safety rope. Then, examine Henrik and then the well.

Röki screenshot

To escape the vision, you need to retrieve Tove’s mother’s locket.

Start by picking up the eyeliner pencil to your left. Use the pencil on the hairbrush to your right to get off the island.

Sail north-west, to the shore with the red nail polish bottle. When you return to outside the cabin, examine the ‘ghost’ version of Tove to return to the shore. Examine the photograph with the cat to enter it.

Here, we need to pick up four things: the blue-coloured ring biscuit on the table, the straw in the red-and-white cup, the straw on the shelf to the left of the stove, and the cat collar (which the cat is wearing).

Röki screenshot

Before you leave, examine the calendar on the fridge to learn that Tove was born on the 17th of an unspecified month. Examine and then use Tove’s mother’s camera to return to the shore. Get back on the hairbrush and leave.

Head to the north-east shore and pick up the pearl necklace. In the vision that follows, once again examine the ‘ghost’ Tove to return.

Use the hairbrush to go to the east shore. Examine the camping photograph here to enter it. Pick up the third straw in the yellow cup near the tent, and then examine the fishing box. Notice that the last two digits of its combination are ‘05’.

Pick up the comb from Henrik’s shirt pocket and then use the camera to return to the shore. Give the cat collar to the stone hand that’s tapping the ground. Once the hand is amused, run past it and grab the ring on top of the cliff.

Now get back on the hairbrush and go to the west coast, i.e. the island where you started out.

Use the pearl necklace on the stone hand to give it to the hand. Then run past the hand to the chasm in the back. Combine the straws in your inventory with the rope, and then use this makeshift bridge on the chasm.

Go to the final photograph of the fishing trip and examine it. Once inside the photograph, use the fishing box and set the combination to ‘1705’, as we have learned from the clues in the other photographs.

Grab the fishing hook from the open fishing box, and then use Henrik’s camera to return. On your way back to the hairbrush, be sure to grab the necklace again.

Go back to the north-east shore and use your comb on the rocks to get a makeshift ladder. Climb up and run to the left until the stone hand is highlighted. Use your fishing hook on the hand to release the locket.

Get back down the ladder, onto the hairbrush, and go to the north coast, with the two forbidding hands. Offer the ring to the left hand and then in your inventory, combine the red nail polish with the necklace to get a red necklace. Offer it to the right hand.

Röki screenshot

Finally, grab the locket. In the next scene, examine the well, and you’ll be free of the vision at last.

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