Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (Part 7 – Fighting Spider, Freeing Tomtes)

Stuck in Röki? This walkthrough will guide you through fighting the spider Widow Drau and then freeing the Tomtes she tied up.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 2 (Contd.)

How do I clean the horn at the Bear Guardian?

Simply use your dagger on it to cut all the spiderwebs off.

Röki screenshot

How do I defeat Widow Drau (the Spider)?

When you start off on the floor, pick up the mirror and use it on the source of light to the right.

Then run all the way to the left to release another shaft of light. This one is aimed directly at the crystal, so it will double your light, raising the spider a little higher.

Climb up the rocks near the crystal and then further towards the second crystal. From here, climb left and open the wooden hatch there. Once it’s open, climb all the way right and open the other wooden hatch as well.

Descend the rocks a little, and go right, into the tunnel underneath the right hatch. There’s a mirror here at the far right: pick it up.

Go back down the rocks to the bottom floor and pick up the mirror to the far right. This will lower the spider a bit, but you can still access the tunnel you went to a moment before. Go back there and place the first mirror in it, so that the light is reflected from bottom to left.

Now go back down to the lower floor and use a mirror on the bracket that’s underneath the vertical shaft. This will reflect the light from left to up, and the mirror above will further reflect the light from down to right.

Now return to the bottom crystal and climb up. You’ll find that you can reach the third crystal now.

There’s a tied-up Tomte to the left, but you can’t help him just yet. Instead, open the wooden hatch above him. You can’t go right just yet because it’s still too dark, so you will have to light up the third crystal first.

Go back down to the lowermost floor and run to the far left. Here there are some rocks to climb up, so use them and go up to the higher floor, where you’ll find the mirror that reflected the light from bottom to right. Pick up this mirror and don’t worry about the spider.

Climb back down and pick up the other mirror on the bottom floor, which is reflecting from left to up. Place this mirror near the light source on the left side of the bottom floor, so that the light is reflected up a very long shaft.

Now climb back up from the crystal and reach the tied-up Tomte. Place your free mirror in the bracket to the far left, where the light should be coming up through the shaft.

As you have already opened the hatch, the light will now strike the third crystal, further driving the spider away. Now we need to double the brightness on this crystal.

Return to the rocks and climb down to the second crystal, which is still lit by the light from the right side. Go and grab the mirror you had placed to reflect the lift from bottom to left. This will make the light go straight up the shaft again.

Now climb up to the third crystal and then right to the area you couldn’t access before because it was too dark. Place the bottom-to-left mirror on the bracket here to double the light intensity on the third crystal.

Return to the third crystal, climb a little higher, and go right to grab your dagger. With your gear back, go to the left, towards the wooden hatch that’s been webbed shut. Use your dagger on the spiderwebs, and then open up the hatch.

Röki screenshot

How do I leave the underground caves after defeating Widow Drau?

You need to free all the Tomtes so they can give you the magic energy needed to go up the stone elevator.

First, talk to the Chief Tomte, who is hiding in his hat on the top floor.

Next, use your dagger on the Tomte to the far left, who is hanging down a spiderweb thread.

The third Tomte is the one who was tied up and hanging upside-down near the third crystal. Descend the rocks and get to him, then use your dagger on him.

The fourth Tomte is isolated from the others. You have to climb the rocks as high as you can from the third crystal, and you’ll find him on a floor above the Chief Tomte’s floor. He is also tied up, so you use your dagger on him to set him free.

Röki screenshot

Once you return to the stone elevator, talk to all of the Tomtes hiding in their hats and they’ll agree to help you. After that, simply use the elevator to go up.

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