Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (Part 9 – Invisibility Mask, Ram Skull, Kroke)

Stuck in Röki? This walkthrough will guide you through finding the ram skull, retrieving the Krokelings, and making the mask of invisibility.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 2 (Contd.)

How do I make the Mask of Invisibility?

If you’ve been to the underground lair in the Poisoned Forest to get the glass jar and the trowel, you will have been given a ‘shopping list’ of items that you need. These items are: The hair of a bearded Kroke, The Skull of a Ram, and Two Nattamare Parasites.

Röki screenshot

You can get the Nattamare Parasites by completing the visions when you talk to the Wolf and Bear Guardians. For the other two ingredients, see the instructions below.

After you have acquired all the items, return to the underground lair in the Poisoned Forest and put the three items in one by one. Pick up the mask when it’s ready.

How do I find the Skull of a Ram?

The Skull of a Ram can be found in a nest that can be accessed through the cave at the snowy cliff near the Wolf Guardian. First, go to the snowy cliff, then climb the rocks to the right of the icy hands. You will need a torch to continue through the cave (if you haven’t already made one), so follow these instructions to make the torch.

Röki screenshot

Head through the cave and you’ll find the Skull of a Ram in a nest.

How do I find the Hair of a Bearded Kroke?

First, you’re going to need some coins to attract the Kroke. Go to the area between the watermill and the poisoned forest. Directly opposite from where the petrified troll is standing, you’ll find a mound of earth and a post with a paw sign on it.

Use your trowel on the mound of earth and you’ll find some coins.

To find the Kroke in question, go to the watermill. Go down the rocky ladder to the left of the Waytree and run to the right. Use your coins on the pond.

After the conversation, your objective will be to find the three Krokelings and return them to the Kroke.

Röki screenshot

One of the Krokelings can be found in the Poisoned Forest, in a purple pool to the right of the screen. Another Krokeling can be found in the cabin that’s buried in snow (the same one where you found the bear trap and the porridge oats). The Third Krokeling is in Trollhulde’s cave (the troll near the watermill), where he’s locked up near Trollhulde.

After you have collected all the Krokelings (see below), use each of the three Krokelings on the Kroke at the watermill. When the Kroke offers her beard, use your dagger on the beard to get the hair.

How do I get the Krokeling in the Poisoned Forest?

To grab him, you will need a Lobster Pot. This can be found in the Nokken’s Lair, either when you’re captured by the Nokken or after you have manipulated the water to re=enter the Nokken’s Lair. The Lobster Pot is found in a wooden crate.

Röki screenshot

Use the Lobster Pot on the Krokeling in the Poisoned Forest’s purple pool, and Tove will grab it. Remember to pick up the Krokeling from the Lobster Pot.

How do I get the Krokeling in the Sunken Cabin?

This one is hiding in a barrel to the far left of the screen, on the bottom floor of the cabin.

This Krokeling needs a snack before he will come out. The snack is a slug, which you can find in Trollhulde’s cave (this is the troll who lives near the watermill). To find the slug, run towards the window and you’ll find the slug on the right side of the screen. Use the slug on the Krokeling in the sunken cabin to get him.

How do I get the Krokeling in Trollhulde’s cave?

To have him escape, you’ll need to use a decoy.

First, go to the bottom floor of the mill, where you sharpened the dagger, and grab the mallet hanging on the back wall. Then, go to the Church premises and run into the vault building to the right of the actual church. Use your mallet on the wooden object to the left of the door (and to the far left of the screen). Get out of the vault and pick up the wooden statue to the right of the vault door.

Now go to Trollhulde’s cave and use the wooden statue on the Krokeling.

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