Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 3 (Part 1 – Reaching Castle, Portcullises, Well)

Stuck in Röki? This walkthrough will guide you through reaching the castle, opening the portcullises, and descending the well.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 3

From this point onwards, the game is mostly linear, so follow the questions one after the other.

How do I find Tove?

When you start Chapter 3, Henrik will be buried under debris. Use your movement keys to get Henrik to move, and then use them again to have him leave the debris.

Follow the trail towards the camera. After the cutscene, examine the red sled and the marbles. After the next cutscene, run left till you find the ravens.

Go left to find more marbles and examine them.

Finally, when you reach the forest clearing, pick up the oars to the left of the screen (by the first tree you entered). Then, head towards the boat and use the oar on it.

How do I open the first portcullis on the island?

First, interact with the ‘ghost’ of Tove when you reach the island. After you come to grips with the character-switching system and the shared inventory and journal, you are free to solve puzzles.

Now as Henrik, get to the wolf statue on the right and use the disc in the middle to get the metal plate. This has a moon sign on it.

Run to the far left of the screen and use the open wooden crate here. You’ll get a piton here.

Run all the way to the right and run behind the statues of the wolf and raven, where you’ll find a window with bars. Use the bars to widen them, and then stand aside.

As Tove, run to the widened bars and use them to slip inside the castle.

Run to the far left and climb up the protruding bricks to reach the upper ledge. Run through the door and approach the metal disk held by the stag’s antlers. Pick it up to get both the plates.

Röki screenshot

Now return down the bricks and go to the portcullis towards the south. Put the sun plate in the hole on the left wall, and the moon plate on the hole in the right wall. This opens up the portcullis, letting Henrik into the castle.

How do I open the second portcullis to enter the courtyard?

As Tove, return to where you found the sun plate and you’ll find a stone block on the ledge. Pick it up into your inventory.

Switch to Henrik, have him enter the castle and climb up the ladder to the right side. Here, there’s a counterweight with two stone blocks – add the stone block from your inventory to this counterweight.

Now go back down to the ground floor and stand on the big stone tile in the centre of the gatehouse you’re in. If Henrik is standing on this tile, it will depress and reveal a lever in the wall.

Switch to Tove and pull this lever. You can now enter the courtyard.

How do I descend the well in the courtyard?

First, run to the northwest corner of the courtyard, where you’ll find protruding bricks to climb. Go all the way up to reach the Left Ramparts. Run into the guard tower to the right.

Run towards the fallen raven beast and pick up its spear. Switch to Henrik and use the spear on the well.

Röki screenshot

Switch to Tove and use the well to descend.

How do I exit the prison?

Once you’re completely down the well, pick up the keystone from the frozen bucket to the left of where you descended. You will need this later.

Then, run to the right to find the prison. Use the widened bars to the south to squeeze past them. Run all the way to the right of the prison, so that you reach a room with two raven beasts slumped on their seats.

Interact with the raven beast on the right to get a key.

Röki screenshot

Switch to Henrik now and run right from the well to reach the East Gatehouse. Use your key on the door to open it up and gain access to the prison, which will also allow Tove to exit it when necessary.

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