Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 3 (Part 2 – Prison, Eastern Courtyard, Gibbet)

Stuck in Röki? This walkthrough will guide you through the prison, entering the Eastern Courtyard, and trapping a raven beast in a gibbet.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 3 (Contd.)

What should Henrik and Tove do in the prison?

After opening the way to the prison as Henrik, run all the way left towards where Tove squeezed out of the cell. In the area with the torture rack, you’ll find a hammer hanging from a hook. Pick up the hammer to form the hammer-and-piton.

Then, have Henrik approach the inaccessible cell with the mortar in it, and bend its bars. Switch to Tove and squeeze into the cell, then pick up the mortar-and-pestle. The mortar and pestle will be handy later.

After you’ve picked up the mortar and the hammer, you can exit the prison the same way Henrik came in.

How do I get to the Eastern Courtyard?

When you’re in the Eastern Gatehouse (exiting from the Prison), switch to Henrik and use the hammer-and-piton on the crack on the wall, to the right of the door leading to the prison.

Switch to Tove now and have her climb the protruded bricks to reach the upper ledge. With the piton in place, she should be able to climb now. Use the lever to open the portcullis.

You can now access the Eastern Courtyard.

What do I do in the Eastern Courtyard?

First, run towards the north and you’ll find another portcullis with a lever next to it. Pull the lever to get an exit back to the Shrieking Courtyard.

Röki screenshot

Now in the Eastern Courtyard, have Henrik stand on the cart next to the steps. Make sure he’s standing to the left side of the cart, so that the right side is sticking up. Switch to Tover and get onto the cart as well, then run up to the right side until you can pick up the object to the right. This is a tile you will need later.

As Henrik, examine the letter on the bench to the right of the cart. Then, use your spear on the crates to the right of the letter. Inside one of them, you’ll find an ancient book with a soaring bird on the cover. You will also need this later.

As for the Sundial, you will only be able to use this when you have all four keystones necessary to put into the holes, so for now, go up the stairs to the right of the sundial.

How do I get past the Raven Beast at the Lonely Tree?

When you go up the stairs from the Eastern Courtyard, you will reach some ramparts where your way is blocked by a living raven beast. You need to trick the beast into getting on the gibbet (the hanging cage thing) if you want to proceed.

First, switch to Henrik and examine the crate to the left of the stairs going up to the Lonely Tree. Here, you will find another keystone to use on the sundial later.

Go up the stairs and to the left, towards the protruded bricks. Here, you’ll find a piton jammed into a root of a tree, next to three-times coiled rope. Pick up the piton.

Run back downstairs and go through the green archway to find a crack in the wall and some bricks above. As before, use the piton on the crack in the wall, then switch to Tove and have her climb the bricks. Once she’s up, pick up the fruit, and get back down.

As Henrik, run over to the gibbet and open it. Switch to Tove, run up to the gibbet and use the fruit you acquired on the gibbet.

Röki screenshot

This is how you’re going to trap raven beasts from now on: open a gibbet as Henrik, put a fruit in it as Tove to bait the beasts.

How do I get to the Eastern Ramparts?

After trapping the raven beast in the Lonely Tree area, head past where the beast was and use the bricks as Tove to climb over to the other side. Undo the black rope there to lower a wooden bridge for Henrik.

Now you can access the Eastern Ramparts as both Henrik and Tove.

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