Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 3 (Part 5 – Planks, Torches, Dining Room)

Stuck in Röki? This walkthrough will guide you through the Supply Building, acquiring the Torch Holders, and solving the Dining Room puzzle.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 3 (Contd.)

How do I progress through the Supply Building?

As Henrik, start by picking up the key in the centre of the room, on the floorboards. Next, pick up the fish hook lying on the rocks in the background.

Now run to the north-east area of the room and you’ll find a plank you can interact with. Use it (as Henrik) to lift it up and illuminate the area below for Tove. Here, a wooden chest should be illuminated. Switch to Tove and open the chest to find a ball of twine.

Switch back to Henrik and lift the central plank (the one where the key was). This will illuminate the pit in the lower area.

Switch to Tove and combine the twine with the spear, and then this combination with the fish hook. Use this fishing rod on the key to get it.

Now switch to Henrik and open the locked door in the background. This will take Henrik up to the Torch room.

How do I open the doors in the Torch Room?

Here, you need to fit three torch holders in their appropriate positions. One is already present. Interact with it once to try twisting it, and then interact with it a second time to pick it up.

The other two torch holders can be found in the Supply Courtyard and the Supply Building.

For the one in the Supply Courtyard, switch to Henrik and run towards the Supply Courtyard’s Eastern entrance. Here, you will find a broken-off flight of stairs going South. Go down these stairs and you’ll find a torch holder lying on the steps.

For the one in the Supply Building, have Henrik lift the plank to the Southwest. Have Tove run to the old chest that is revealed there and open it. You will find another torch holder.

Once you have all three torch holders, return to the Torch room.

You’ll notice that in your inventory, each of the torch holders has bands engraved on it. You simply need to put the correct torch holder in the correct slot, depending on its bands.

The single-band holder goes to the left, the double-band holder goes in the middle, and the triple-band holder goes to the right.

Once all three are in their right places, use each of them to twist them into place. Once all of them are twisted right, the two closed doors will open up.

Now Tove can access the Torch room by going left from the basement and climbing up the ladder, then taking the only door on the upper floor. This also means that both Henrik and Tove can reach the Dining Room now.

How do I solve the Dining Room Puzzle?

For this puzzle, you first need to acquire four season tiles that represent each of the guardians. You may have acquired some of these already.

For the Winter tile (Snowflake), go to the Eastern Courtyard, where you’ll find the tile to the right of the cart.

For the Autumn tile (Falling Leaf), go to the Eastern Guard Tower. As Henrik, move the shield on the left side of the screen. Have Tove interact with the tile to pick it up.

For the Spring tile (Flower), go to the main floor of the Supply Building as Tove. To get here, you will have to get to the Torch Room and then go downstairs through the door in the background. In the Supply Building room, climb the exposed bricks in the background wall and pick up the season tile there.

Röki screenshot

For the Summer tile (Sun), switch to Henrik and go right from the Dining Room to the Western Ramparts. Here, go right to enter the Western Guard Tower. You’ll find the season tile in the left part of the screen, set into the wall. Pick it up as Henrik.

Once you have all four tiles, return to the Dining Room as both Tove and Henrik. The clue to the puzzle is in the poem that’s in the fireplace. The riddle requires to list the seasons starting with Spring and skipping two.

The solution is: Spring, Winter, Autumn, Summer.

Place the tiles in the correct order, from left to right, to reveal the second riddle of the puzzle.

Röki screenshot

In this riddle, you need to pair the correct guardian with the correct season. The solution to this puzzle is actually found in the banners you may have encountered throughout the castle, where each guardian was seen as associated with a particular season.

If you know which is which, have Henrik stand on the animal tile on the floor inscribed with the image of the guardian, and then have Tove press the appropriate season tile.

The pairings are – Raven: Winter, Bear: Autumn, Stag: Summer, Wolf: Spring.

Röki screenshot

For example, have Henrik stand on the Raven tile, and then have Tove press the Winter tile. You can match the pairings in any order.

Once all pairings are done, you can access a secret tunnel in the fireplace.

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