Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 3 (Part 6 – Books, Keystones, Sundial, Rings)

Stuck in Röki? This walkthrough will guide you through finding the books, keystones, and rings, and doing the Bookshelf and Sundial puzzles.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 3 (Contd.)

How do I solve the Bookshelf Puzzle in the Western Guard Tower?

For this puzzle, you first need to acquire the three books to place in the bookshelf. You may have already found these in your journey.

One of the books can be found in the tunnel behind the fireplace of the dining room. It is clutched by a Raven Beast.

Another book can be found in the Sundial Courtyard. You will need to use your Spear on the crates found in the courtyard to acquire the book.

The third book can be found in the small area to the left of the Torch Room, where the torn banner of the Stag is hanging from the wall.

Once you have all three books, you must match the right book to the right shelf. If you examine the shelves on the bookshelf, you’ll find that each one has a theme. Place the books according to the theme.

Put the Fish book on the top shelf (Theme: Water), the Tree book on the middle shelf (Theme: Earth), and the Bird book on the bottom shelf (Theme: Sky).

Where can I find the octagonal keystones for the Sundial Puzzle?

One of the keystones is at the bottom of the well that Tove climbed down in order to reach the Prison.

Another keystone is in the Eastern Guard Tower, where Henrik must use the Spear on the chest to acquire the token.

A third keystone can be found in the Torch Room, where Henrik must lift the loose slab to retrieve the token.

The final keystone can be found in the Eastern Courtyard, lying in an open crate.

Once you have all four keystones, return to the Sundial Courtyard (the one with the wolf statue and the four keystone slots).

Here, you must place the keystones in the order of the progress of the sun during a day – from the east going anti-clockwise to the south.

In short, put the Dawn keystone to the east (semi-circle to the right of the arc), then the Noon keystone to the north (circle in the middle of the arc), then the Dusk keystone to the west (semicircle to the left of the arc), and finally, the Night keystone to the south (stars).

This will ready the Sundial. Now you need to get both Henrik and Tove in the Sundial area and have them work together to solve the puzzle.

How do I solve the Sundial Puzzle?

Position Tove by the direction marker to the Northeast of the Sundial (the small direction marker).

Activate the Sundial staff as Henrik (you will need to have placed all the keystones correctly).

The staff will start moving towards Tove’s marker. Quickly switch to Tove and use the marker to pull it out in time. Then switch to Henrik quickly and have him pull the big marker to the North. Then switch to Tove again and have her pull the marker to the Northwest.

Continue alternating: Henrik pulls the West marker, Tove pulls the Southwest marker, and finally, Henrik pulls the South marker.

Röki screenshot

If the staff touches a marker it will go back to the start and you’ll have to start over.

If you need a boost of time, you can ready the first two direction markers as Tove and Henrik before turning the Sundial on. You can only have one big and one small marker pulled at the same time, so as soon as the staff passes a marker, pull out the next corresponding marker.

If you get it right, you’ll be able to access a tunnel underneath the Sundial.

How do I open the Tower Gate?

You will need to use two signet rings on the two gate-opening mechanisms. One is to the east of the Western Guard Tower, and the other is to the west of the Eastern Guard Tower.

One of the signet rings can be found by solving the Bookshelf Puzzle.

The other signet ring can be found by solving the Sundial Puzzle, traversing the tunnel below it, and then taking the ring from the dead Raven Beast’s finger.

Röki screenshot

After you have both rings, have Henrik and Tove go to each of the Guard Towers (it doesn’t matter who goes where). Have them use a ring on the gate-opening mechanism (it does not matter who uses which ring). When both characters have used their rings, the tower gate will finally open.

How do I enter the Tower?

Röki screenshot

After opening the Tower Gate, run through it and to the very end. You’ll find a gibbet to the right that’s open and waiting. Get into it as Tove and then have Henrik use the mechanism to lift the gibbet.

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