Somerville Walkthrough – Part 3

Stuck in Somerville? This guide covers Chapter 3 from the beginning, all the way up to getting out of the house.

Somerville Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Somerville! This guide was created with the PC version, but uses universally-recognizable controls, so you can follow it regardless of which platform you’re playing on!

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Part 3

Chapter 3

Hold down the power button to resuscitate the husband. You’ll have to do this 3 times to wake him up. Once he’s up, go to the far right, grab the broken wooden beams and bring them down with Interact + Down.

Interact with the lamp to hold it, and then press the power button to charge it with your mysterious new power. Proceed through the newly-melted cubic goo and go up the basement stairs. Don’t worry, the cubic goo is dog-safe.

Hold the broken basement door and use Interact + Down to knock it down.

Go to the light hanging in the right of the kitchen and hold it, then move it to the left to cast light on the black pillar that’s blocking the doorway.

Use your power ability (while holding the light) to melt the pillar. Take the light through the doorway with you and use the power ability to melt the pillar fragments in the living room.

Somerville screenshot

Drop the cupboard with Interact + Left (provided you’ve cleared the area of black pillars around it). Climb up on the cupboard and then through the broken roof.

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