Somerville Walkthrough – Part 7

Stuck in Somerville? This guide covers Chapter 4 from the boat section through getting past the well with the help of the rollers.

Somerville Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Somerville! This guide was created with the PC version, but uses universally-recognizable controls, so you can follow it regardless of which platform you’re playing on!

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Part 7

Chapter 4 (Contd.)

There’s a bunch of rollers here on the shore, but they’re not interested in following you to clear the pillar fragments blocking your way ahead.

So instead, approach the well to the far left and interact with the yellow handle next to it. Interact + Up to bring the bucket all the way up.

Grab the bucket and take it all the way back to the pool of cubic goo. Drop the bucket by pressing the Interact button while in the goo.

Now return to the well and hold the handle. Use Interact + Up to reel the bucket in, which will cause the rollers to come rolling towards the leaking bucket. Grab the bucket when you can, while near the rollers, and take it to the pillar fragments, so that the rollers melt the fragments and clear a way for you.

Somerville screenshot

Proceed into the cave and through the other side.

Grab the wooden pallet and use Interact + Right to drag it aside.

Somerville screenshot

Proceed through the passage and when you get to the other side, approach the fence gate. Pull the latch with Interact + Right, then go up the wooden stairs, and finally, to the vista above.

When you’re done admiring the view, go left down the path to complete the chapter.

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