Somerville Walkthrough – Part 8

Stuck in Somerville? This guide covers Chapter 5 from the beginning all the way up to the stage area, through the freeway.

Somerville Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Somerville! This guide was created with the PC version, but uses universally-recognizable controls, so you can follow it regardless of which platform you’re playing on!

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Part 8

Chapter 5

Begin by going left and then pulling the fence gate latch to the right. Go through the gate and proceed onto the freeway, until your way is blocked by an upended red car.

Somerville screenshot

Grab the car and pull it down (Interact + Down) to make a ramp. Climb the car, go left and proceed towards the van. Drag the van doors to the right (Interact + Right) and through the van. Head over to the fallen letter, and use it as a ramp.

On the other side, drop down and proceed across the water. Follow the path left, over the fallen portable toilet, and into the blue tent.

Continue left and then towards the car. Instead of following the car, go left to where the street light is illuminating the broken pillar.

Hold the power box and press the power button to charge it and melt the pillar. Be careful as you do this – the purple light will see you and come to investigate. Quickly pass through the melted area and go into the tent for cover.

Wait until the purple light goes back to the right and then head left through the tent’s other opening. Make your way to the stage area.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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