Stela Walkthrough – Part 4 (Village, Freight Lift)

Stuck in Stela? Check out our Stela walkthrough to find out how to get past the village and freight lift sections of the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Stela!

For more information on Stela, check out the game’s official website here. Also check out our review of the game here.

The Village

Head right into the village, where you’ll find a Shadow again, digging in the snow.

Just before the stairs going down, there’s a wooden box. Drag the wooden box to the left so you can climb onto the ledge and proceed right to the lever. Use the lever to the left bring the conveyor to the left. This will alert the Shadow, so use the lever again to the right and jump onto the conveyor.

If you timed it right, you should be moving to the right on the conveyor while the Shadow is left screaming. Proceed right once the conveyor stops.

Climb up the ladder and turn the crank to raise the wooden cage. You can also lower the cage, but right now, you need to raise it. Once the cage is raised as high as it can go, jump onto the higher ledge, up another ladder, and walk to the right, where you’ll find a lever at a perilous location.

Use the lever to unclasp the cage, causing it to fall and break. That takes care of the Shadow. Proceed all the way down the way you came.

As in the previous section, run right without pause to avoid the burrowing monster, and enter the next building, which is a slaughterhouse.

Drag the wooden bench here as far right as it will go (it will stop at the metal grate on the floor). Start using the crank after this, and when you hear the Shadow cry out, run to the left. Climb onto the bench and then grab the hook that the rib meat is hanging off of. This will let you hide from the Shadow.

Stela walkthrough

When the Shadow goes to the left of the screen, jump off and run right.

Once again, you have a lift and a crate. Drag the crate off the lift to raise the lift. If you’re quick, you can climb onto the lift as it is being raised. Otherwise, just climb the ladder to the right of the lift and then jump onto the lift when it’s raised.

Head left to get on the ruined attic of the slaughterhouse. Drag the crate left, climb onto it, and then climb onto the broken wooden beam. Proceed right, jumping and climbing as you go.

After a few stairs and ladders, you’ll be on a wooden structure with a lever. Pull the lever to the left to cause the wooden cage to come to you. This will alert the Shadow, so you need to act quick. Pull the lever to the right, and then jump onto the wooden cage. If you’re quick, you’ll be on the cage as it is brought to the right of the structure.

Jump off the cage to the right and proceed onwards.

Next, we have another gong on the floor. Climb up the ladder and turn the crank to raise the hook to the left of the screen. Then turn the lever to the right to  send the lever rightwards. Turn the crank again to lower the hook, and then use the lever to the left so that the hook grabs a hold of the gong.

When the gong is at the left, use the crank to raise the gong up, and then use the lever to take it to the right. Finally, use the lever one last time to send it to the left with a resounding strike.

Climb down the ladder and make your way to the right.

Here, you’ll find a roofed structure with a lever and a crate underneath. Move the crate to the left, so that you can climb onto the roof of the wooden structure. Then, pull the lever to raise the door of the structure.

Doing this will alert the Shadows, so quickly run onto the crate, climb onto the structure, and use the opened door as a platform to go right.

Make a few perilous jumps to the right and then climb onto the snowy awning. This will give you access to the loft of the building you’re in. Head right and jump onto the metal gutter. This will cause the gutter to fall and knock out the Shadow underneath.

Stela walkthrough

Pick up the diamond-shaped object on the floor and go to the far right. Toss the object into the furnace to power up the device. Use the handle below the glowing blue diamond (just to the right of the wooden stairs) to raise the gutter once more.

Now go all the way left, climb up the ladder, go out of the building, and climb up to the upper floor the same way you did earlier. Jump onto the gutter and proceed right.

Climb the ladder and drag the wooden crate to the left so that you can get to the next ladder going up. Jump off the ladder at the top to get onto a beam in the opposite direction. Climb up the next ladder and head right to be free of the village.

The Freight Lift

Stela walkthrough

Back to a snowfield? Head right to find a large lift for moving goods with. Use the lever to activate the lift and then climb onto it. Once inside, use the crank to close the door of the lift.

When the Shadow is on the door of the lift trying to break in, use the crank to lower the door. While the Shadow is hanging off of the door, run left onto the door to weaken it. Remember to jump back onto the lift before it falls!

Once on the lift again, run to the far right. Wait for the large wooden spool to go rolling off the lift, and then immediately run left to avoid the bags to the right. When the large wooden crate comes sliding down, jump onto it to have Stela hang off of it.

When the crate is stacked at the end of the lift, climb up onto the roof of the lift and run left, jumping across the gap. Wait for the wooden platform to appear to the left and the jump off onto it. Climb the ladder to proceed.

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