Superliminal Walkthrough – Level 1

Stuck in Superliminal? Find out how to get started and make things bigger and smaller with our walkthrough of the first level of the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Superliminal! Much of the best parts of Superliminal involve figuring out a tricky puzzle by yourself, so I recommend you only consult this guide when you absolutely are stuck!

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Level 1

Start by looking around the room. Walk up to the Terms of Service document on the table. Interact with it to sign it, and then turn around.

Go through the corridor that has appeared. You can grab the yellow chess pawns on the table in the next room to understand how perception works in this game.

Play around with them a bit to figure out how to make items smaller or larger.

Superliminal walkthrough

In the next room, there is a very large rook piece blocking your way. Pick it up and make it small to get it out of your way.

Jump over the white box and proceed to the next room. In the room with the children’s play boxes, pick up the box that has “B” and “0” visible on it (it’s on top of another box). This reveals a door behind the box.

Place the upper box next to the lower box, so that it is smaller than the lower box. Jump onto the smaller box and onto the upper box to make it to the next room.

In the next room, you need to place something on the pressure pad to keep the door open.

Step onto the pressure pad to open the door such that you can see a play box in the other room. Pick it up from where you’re standing and put it on the pad you’re standing on. This will let you keep the door open and proceed.

Once you proceed through the door, pick up the same box you dropped on the pad before, and bring it back into this room.

Make it larger so that you can jump onto it and then jump onto the door that is placed too high to jump into otherwise. Proceed through the corridors and into the next room.

In the room with the two windows, look into the window to the left and pick up the chess pawn. Look into the right window and put the pawn on the pressure pad. This will open the door for you.

In the next room, the door is way high up. To get there, pick up the cheese block from the table in the room and make it bigger and bigger until you can walk up the incline and jump into the door.

In the next room, make the big play box smaller and put it into the tiny window with the pressure pad, located to the right of the closed door. This will open the door and you can proceed through.

In the room with the smashed glass, pick up the box in the lower area and walk over to the smashed window. Look through two smashed windows to find a pressure pad and put the box on the pad there. This opens the door.

In the next room, you will be blocked from taking the box into the other half of the room. To bypass this, simply look up and put the box past the wall, then drop it into the other half of the room.

Proceed through the blocking-door, and put on the pressure pad if you haven’t already. Proceed through the next door to continue.

Superliminal walkthrough

In the next room, you will encounter a maze of identical corridors. Proceed through the end of the corridor, where there is an green “Exit” sign.

In the room with the two pressure pads, pick up the red-and-green sign above the door you need to go through. It lights red when the door is closed and green when the door is open.

Make it larger and larger until you can place it on both pressure pads at once. This will open the door and let you proceed.

Continue through some corridors, into a room with only one pressure pad.

Stand on it and the room’s walls will break a bit. Look through the gaps in the left side of the room to find an “Exit” sign and pick it up.

Make it decently large and drop it onto one of the wall panels to make them fall through, letting you get out of the room.

Proceed through the green double-doors, and then the other green door, on towards the elevator to proceed to the next level.

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