Superliminal Walkthrough – Level 3

Stuck in Superliminal? Find out how to jump onto high platforms by playing with a variety of dice cubes. Or well, they look like dice cubes.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Superliminal! Much of the best parts of Superliminal involve figuring out a tricky puzzle by yourself, so I recommend you only consult this guide when you absolutely are stuck!

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Level 3

Start by turning off the alarm and heading out.

Head past the familiar corridors and past a room of pipes.

In the next room, there’s a platform too high to get up on. Go through the door to the side and you’ll find a dice cube to the immediate left of the door (or right if you turned around to face the door).

Make the dice cube large enough to jump on and jump onto the high platform to proceed.

Pick up the dice cube and take it with you into the next room. Make it bigger and jump on it, then onto high blue double-doors.

In the next corridor, pick up the dice on the floor to end up opening a trapdoor. Hop in. Remove the grate in the corner of the room and proceed through.

Superliminal walkthrough

In the next room you’ll find two malformed dice with apples on them. Use them to build a staircase, so that one is bigger and the other is smaller, and you can jump from the smaller one to the larger one, and then onto the high platform. Proceed through the door.

In the next room, go up the stairs and take a right through the blue door. In this room, the cubes “extrude” out of the ground or the wall.

Lower the cube extruding from the ground so that the cube extruding from the wall can be extended all the way to the other wall.

Jump on the extruded wooden part and jump from there to the high platform.

Proceed through the next door.

Here, pick up the ‘cube’ to end up with a wooden plane. Make this plane larger and place it as an incline so that you can climb up onto the high platform.

Through the next door, we find another high platform puzzle. Pick up the cube to the right of the corridor and let it go to have it explode. Take one of the smaller pieces and make it big enough to jump on and onto the high platform.

In the next room, try to pick up the cube, only to open a new pathway. Jump in!

Superliminal Walkthrough

You’ll find yourself in a room much like before, just go through the blue door and into the elevator that will take you to the next level.

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