Superliminal Walkthrough – Level 8

Stuck in Superliminal? Find out how to solve the final level of the game, including causing a paradox and getting past a chessboard.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Superliminal! Much of the best parts of Superliminal involve figuring out a tricky puzzle by yourself, so I recommend you only consult this guide when you absolutely are stuck!

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Level 8

After you wake up, head over to the table with the small model building.

Pick up the second-to-right block of the building. If you make it larger and go through it, you’ll find that it leads to a doorway in the neighboring corridor.

Pick up the building block and walk through the neighboring corridor with it, through the door that the building block’s door leads to.

This will cause a paradox in the doorway. Walk through the paradoxical doorway. Continue on to the original room. Feel free to panic.

Wait for the tower to appear and approach it. Enter the dark door and then walk through to the doorway with the white frame.

From here, proceed through the black gap in the floor, then the white gap in the floor, and then another black gap.

In the next room, pick up the large black panel and set it aside to reveal a doorway. Head through the doorway, into the Reception room.

Go past it and continue straight onwards to find a doorway in the distant mist. Approach it, then continue on through the rain to the next doorway. In the white corridor past the door, go straight onwards.

In the ring-shaped office with the many drawing cabinets and pages, look for a cabinet that’s away from the wall and casting a shadow on the wall. This shadow is actually a doorway. Head through it.

Continue through here to find an Exit sign pointing to the next doorway. Go through it, into the white corridor and white room.

From there, continue on to a window that leads to another white corridor. When you approach the door, you’ll find that it’s too high to reach.

Turn around and ‘pick up’ the window, which is a block. Place the window block near the door so you can jump on it and onto the door.

In the next area, continue away from where you exited and towards the other ‘island’ with the orange tower. Here, you’ll find a large switch. Turn it off.

Superliminal walkthrough

In the next area, head towards the stairs and walk right through them to reach an inverse world.

Here, the black stairs are real, so go up the black stairs and follow the black walkway. In the room with the colored pillars, walk through the ‘white’ wall and head outside of the room.

You’ll find a door outside of the room, so go through it. Go through another room, into a white surreal landscape.

On the chessboard, your goal is to place a chess piece on one of the chess tiles, which will allow you to stand and walk on that tile. If you try to walk into a tile that doesn’t have a chess piece, you’ll fall through.

Superliminal walkthrough

Take one chess piece and put in on a tile. Then take the other chess piece and put it on the next tile.

When you walk over to the second tile, pick up the first chess piece again and place it on a third tile, and so on. Remember to pick up your current chess piece only when you’re on the next tile! Otherwise, you’ll fall through.

In the next room, pick up the block and go through the white door with it. On the other side, you’ll find a cheese block. Take it to the other side through the door and keep making it larger and larger until you can reach the high door with it.

In the room following this, you simply need to keep falling downwards and then proceed through the door at the bottom. Head through the next corridor.

In the white field, turn around to find a black block. Put it aside and fall through the hole it leaves behind.

Turn off the alarm.

After this, you will go through a montage of familiar rooms and corridors. Just keep walking onward through the places you have been.

At the end of this sequence, you’ll have completed the game! Congratulations!

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