The Flower Collectors Walkthrough – Chapter 3

Stuck in The Flower Collectors? Find out how to spy on the cafe and the cabaret, retrieve the scooter parts, and gain your first real lead.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of The Flower Collectors!

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Chapter 3: Dawn

After the conversation, head out to the balcony and get a look at the plaza. Then, when your new friend asks it of you, head back into the apartment and grab the camera that is lying on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

Return to the balcony and focus on the dead body in the plaza. After the conversation, your viewfinder’s crosshair should turn orange. This means you can take a picture of that scene, so do just that.

Wait for your new friend to go, and when you hear the voice on the transmitter, go into your bedroom. Open the cardboard box here and pick up the transmitter.

Return to the balcony and focus on the lynx-headed girl right below you. She is hiding in front of the wall next to the Cafe Raposo.

After she returns to her position, wait for the two police officers by the crime scene to walk away. One of them goes into the mechanics’ workshop, while the other goes into the cafe. Once there is no one standing at the crime scene, Jorge will note that the coast is clear. Focus on the dead body and use your transmitter to inform your new friend.

After the conversation that follows, your friend will comment on the guy in front of the church. Focus on him and use the transmitter to inform your friend.

After she is done talking to Eusebio, she will return to her position. Now focus on the bench next to the archway (which is itself blocked by a green police car). You should be able to take a picture of the bench, so do just that.

After taking the picture, focus on Eusebio again, who should be standing somewhere in the vicinity of the church. Use your transmitter to get your friend to talk to him.

After the conversations, you will be given the task to observe the cafe, and this one has a timer.

The Flower Collectors walkthrough

Wait for Lola (the lady in red) to sit down at a cafe table, and take a picture of her.

Take a picture of waiter (the fox-headed man) and Jorge will comment on him.

Wait for the waiter to go away and leave Lola alone. Focus on her and use the transmitter to call your friend over to her and have a chat.

After the conversation, the waiter and Lola will have another chat and the crow-headed man will leave the area. Focus on Lola when she is alone again and you will notice her picking something up.

Take a picture of her when the crosshair goes orange, and then focus on the newspaper. Call your friend over to the newspaper.

This will finish your investigation of the cafe.

Next, go all the way towards the cabaret (remember, it’s to the left of the entrance to your balcony), and go to the very end of the balcony here.

Standing to the left of the cabaret entrance, you will see an ape-headed man wedged between a wall and a phone booth. Focus on him and take a picture.

Next, look at the roof of the cabaret, where you will find Carmen. Take a picture of her and then wait for her to come all the way down to meet El Blanco.

After they talk by the entrance to the cabaret, they will move slightly closer to the plaza. At this point, you will gain your new timed objective: to observe the cabaret.

Focus on Carmen and wait for the option to eavesdrop on her, and use it to call your new friend over to the van.

After your friend has eavesdropped on Carmen, wait for Lola to show up and take a picture of Lola. Wait for the conversation to end and Lola to enter the cabaret.

After a bit of a while, she will appear on the roof of the cabaret. Take a picture of her to complete the timed objective.

Next up, return to the entrace of your balcony and take a picture of Dona Anna (the beaked lady who lives on the top floor of the building to the left of the archway). After Jorge’s comments, you will be able to focus on Dona Anna and use the transmitter and call your friend over.

After the conversation ends, you will have a new lead.

While you wait for your lead to show up, take two pictures, one for each of the squirrel-headed mechanics in front of the workshop (located opposite the cafe). After this, use your transmitter to get your friend to talk to each of the mechanics.

After the conversation, you have your next timed objective: to locate and return the missing scooter parts.

One of the scooter parts is located behind the teal-coloured car in front of the cabaret. It is identified as scrap, and found just above a manhole cover. Use your transmitter on it to call your friend over.

Another scooter part is located in the church garden, which is to the right of the church. Look for a teal-coloured handlebar. Use your transmitter to get your friend to go grab it.

Once you have both scooter parts, your friend will comment on returning the parts to the mechanics. Wait for the female police officer to be looking down the street (i.e. towards the cabaret) and then focus on the mechanic(s) behind her. Use your transmitter to call your friend over. After her conversation, the timed objective will end.

A little while after the conversation, the beggar Aldo will appear through the archway, by his bench spot where you found him the previous day. Focus on him and call your friend over.

The Flower Collectors screenshot

After the conversation, wait for your friend to return to the apartment. Once your friend is in position, open up the nautical chart to start putting things together.

For “Who was the journalist supposed to meet?”, drag the sketch of the victim over. This is the sketch to the very top-left of the screen.

For “What actually happened?”, first drag the photo of the crime scene over to next to the sketch of the victim. This is the second photo on the top row of photographs.

For the slot below the victim’s sketch, drag the sketch of the fist symbol and the flower.

The Flower Collectors screenshot

For the slot that is diagonally to the bottom-right of the victim’s sketch, drag the sketch of Aldo spying on the murder from behind the archway.

Finally, for the bottom photo, drag the picture of the bench where Aldo sits.

Press continue to finish adding up your clues, and conclude the chapter and learn your accomplice’s name.

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