The Flower Collectors Walkthrough – Chapter 4

Stuck in The Flower Collectors? Find out how to navigate Chapter 4 and gain more clues from the church, the repair shop, and the cabaret.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of The Flower Collectors!

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Chapter 4: Connection

After the conversation, open the balcony door and head out. Focus on Aldo in the church garden (to the right of the church) and call Melinda to go there using the transmitter.

Wait a while as the conversation takes place, until Melinda comments on what happened. After this, Jorge will comment and a timed objective will start.

Focus on the chessboard between Aldo and Eusebio, then call Melinda to go eavesdrop.

After she finishes, she will go to the plaza and Jorge will comment you need to try something else. Now focus your camera into the mechanics’ repair shop, where you’ll find a well-lit printing press with a page on it.

Take a picture of the printing press and call Melinda to go eavesdrop on the repair shop.

After Melinda comments that this isn’t getting them anywhere, focus on Dona Anna and call her. Converse with her as you wish.

After you have done these three actions, you will get another timed objective: to find more scooter parts.

One scooter part is located near the crime scene, next to a tree.

Another scooter part is located just beyond the archway, behind the stop sign.

A final scooter part can be found next to the phone booth to the left of the cabaret. It can be found where El Blanco was standing earlier.

After you have all the scooter parts, wait for one of the mechanics to exit the garage. Focus on her and call Melinda to go to her.

After Melinda converses with the mechanic, you gain two new objectives.

Wait for a car to appear by the cabaret. When the tan-suited man steps out of the car, take a picture of him. Then wait for him to enter the cabaret and appear on the roof of the building. Take a picture of Carmen when she starts talking to the man.

The Flower Collectors walkthrough

After Jorge comments on checking the entrance, focus on the entrance of the cabaret to inform Melinda of the bouncer. When Melinda asks you where to get ready, focus to the left of the blue car that is parked right in front of the cabaret entrance, and call Melinda to go there.

Wait for the bouncer to be looking away from the cabaret, facing the plaza, and then focus on the entrance of the cabaret. Signal Melinda to go in.

Now focus on Lola’s apartment, which is on the top floor of the cabaret, but below the roof. After Melinda enters and comments, focus on the desk to the left side of her apartment. Call Melinda to go investigate.

Watch the section that follows (it will take some time), and then once Melinda exits the dresser, focus on the dresser and ask Melinda to check it out.

After Melinda is done investigating, look up on the roof to where the three people are talking, and signal Melinda to go there.

After the three move to the glass studio, Melinda will ask you if you can see a good location to eavesdrop from. Focus on the plant on the roof, and then signal Melinda to go there.

Wait for another lengthy section to conclude, and then for Melinda to run out to safety. This will give you your next timed objective: to observe the plaza.

While you wait for Lola to go after the waiter to the Cafe Raposo, focus on the dead body and Jorge will comment that it’s gone. When Lola and the waiter are making up at the cafe entrance, take a picture of them.

After Jorge and Melinda’s conversation, Melinda will comment that she’s heading back.

When you hear the knock on the door, open the door. Converse with your guest as you see fit.

The Flower Collectors screenshot

When you hear another knock on the door, open it. Pick up the paper bag of food when it appears.

After your guest leaves and Jorge finishes commenting, go to the desk and examine your notebook to start writing down your observations for the day.

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