The Flower Collectors Walkthrough – Chapters 5 & 6

Stuck in the Flower Collectors? Find out how to keep an eye on the police, how to help Dona Anna, get the pamphlet, and recollect memories.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of The Flower Collectors!

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Chapter 5: Gone

Once you gain control of Jorge, pick up the binoculars lying on the desk right in front of you. Next, head over to the balcony.

Look left to the cabaret garden. Focus on the stacked chairs and Jorge will comment on them. Next, focus on the brown notebook that is lying on the roof of the mechanics’ repair shop.

Finally, look at the scrap of blue cloth that is hanging from the wire above the wall of the cabaret garden.

Wait for the police to arrive at the cabaret. After the snake-headed cop goes into the cabaret, focus on the door of Lola’s room (through the window). Focus here until you spot the cop enter and beat down the waiter.

When Lola and the cop appear at the entrance of the cabaret, focus on Lola to witness her arrest.

The Flower Collectors walkthrough screenshot

Keep watching the police after Lola’s arrest until you hear the static from the transmitter. Enter your apartment and pick up the transmitter, then return to the balcony.

Wait for Jorge to have a conversation on the transmitter. Make your decision here.

If you decide to help Dona Anna, first wait for the cops to enter the cafe. When the timed objective starts, focus on the tree right in front of the repair shop and direct Dona Anna to hide there. When Jorge comments on the next place, focus on the pillar of the cafe (just to the left and below of the ‘Cafe Raposo’ sign) and direct Dona Anna there. Then focus on the wall of the cafe, where Melinda has hidden in the past, and direct Dona Anna once more. After this, focus to the right of the church stairs and bring Dona Anna there. Finally, focus on the church garden for your final instruction to Dona Anna. Wait for Dona Anna to talk to Eusebio and then return to her apartment.

When the police reach Aldo by the archway, focus on him to witness another act of police brutality.

After Aldo’s arrest, the police will move to near Dona Anna’s building, behind the bench. Focus on them to have Jorge comment on where they’re going.

Wait for the police to enter the apartment, and then focus on them again when they reappear at their previous spot.

Next, the police will move to the repair shop. Focus on the entrance of the repair shop after the mechanics run inside. After Jorge’s comments, when he asks what the police found, focus on the pamphlets that are littering all over the plaza.

After Jorge’s comments on the pamphlets, go inside the apartment and pick up the phone. Call the phone booth and wait for the conversation to end. Then when you hear the knocking, open the door.

Pick up the newspaper and the pamphlets.

Go to your pinboard behind the nautical chart to start putting things together.

For “What happened on the cabaret roof”, put in photo of Carmen and the stranger.

For “What did the stranger want from Carmen?”, put in the sketch labelled “The stranger is looking for a list.” It has Carmen and a silhouette of the stranger on it.

For “Why did the Polizia raid the plaza?”, put in the sketch of the flying pamphlets.

For “Why did the Polizia raid the repair shop?”, put in the photo of the printing press.

Press Continue to complete the chapter.

Chapter 6: Recollection

The Flower Collectors walkthrough screenshot

After Jorge wakes up and comments, examine the pamphlet on the desk.

When Jorge wonders about the year 1974, go to the framed photograph of Jorge and Diego in uniform, which can be found to the right of the bedroom door. Examine this picture.

Then, to find out what happened in 1974, go to the framed photograph of his police unit, which can be found to the left of the bedroom door. Examine this picture.

After this, you need to find three items that link to the past. Ho into your bedroom and open the cardboard box there. Look at the picture there and keep going through Jorge’s monologue, examining the new pictures as they get uncovered.

After completing the three objectives, go to your pinboard behind the nautical chart.

For “How did the Mole get the list?”, drag the picture titled “Officers working at the Policia, 1974”. This is the second picture on the right row.

For “What happened in 1974?”, drag the picture titled “Diego and Jorge join The Flower Collectors”. This is the bottom picture on the left row.

Press Continue to conclude the chapter.

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