The Last Worker Guide: Chapter 2 (Finding Skew)

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This Into Indie Games guide to The Last Worker covers the second part of the second chapter of the game, which includes tracking Skew down.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to The Last Worker! This guide is focused on completing the game story and its various endings, and it does not focus on getting achievements.

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Chapter 2 (Finding Skew)

In the Penthouse section after the farm, you will be introduced to the Tracker device for your gun. You really just have to aim and shoot it like you would shoot a product. Shoot the targets that Hoverbird brings up to proceed.

The Last Worker Guide: Chapter 2 (Finding Skew)

We come to a shift segment after this, so begin by doing the J-wave, but we won’t be doing our job this time. Our goal is to shoot Skew with the tracker when possible, so that we can track where he goes. Explore the facility until you find Skew, equip your tracker device, and shoot Skew. You should see a target on him when you aim at him with your tracker, making it easier to hit.

After shooting Skew with the tracker, follow him to the vent he disappeared through. Use your Jüngle gun to hold the vent cover and then pull away from it to tear it off. Enter the vent.

The Last Worker Guide: Chapter 2 (Finding Skew)

Make for the next vent cover and pull it away to tear it off. Proceed into the vent and take a left. 

At this point, your pod runs out of power. Look down at the pod and press the Interact button. Here, you have to do the same thing as you did with the crank in the farm: hit the interact button when it’s in the right position. Do this three times to restore power to the pod.

The Last Worker Guide: Chapter 2 (Finding Skew)

As you exit the vent, take a right. Proceed down the corridor and follow the air trails to find a vent cover. Pull it away as usual and enter the vent. You once again run out of power, so do the crank thing again.

Proceed through the vent when the pod has power again, and exit it into a series of corridors. There’s only one way forwards, so follow it and you’ll get to a room beyond a round opening.

The Last Worker Guide: Chapter 2 (Finding Skew)

Enter this room and go to the very end of it, then interact with the laptop (the thing that looks more like a fat flip phone).

Watch the sequence that follows, and then grab the laptop when prompted.

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