The Last Worker Guide: How to score J-Rank

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Looking to score the very best score in your shift? Check out our The Last Worker guide on how to score J-rank and avoid getting an F-rank.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to The Last Worker! This article examines how to work on your shift effectively and score a J-rank – or, at the very least, avoid getting an F-rank and failing your shift.

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Guide to Reaching the Package in The Last Worker

Keep pinging your map to get a general idea of where the package is and follow the on-screen trail to get there.

The Last Worker Guide: How to score J-Rank

Note that the arrow on the white icon shows whether the package is above or below you. If it is a dot, then the package is roughly on the same level as you. You can usually ascend or descend well in advance of actually reaching the shelf, so that you’re ready for the package when you get to it.

Make sure your Jüngle gun is equipped as you approach the package. The game usually doesn’t equip it automatically, so you have to make sure it’s ready for use.

The Last Worker Guide: How to score J-Rank

The shelf the package is in will be lit up and the blue light below it will be green instead of blue. Between deliveries, pay attention to the shelves – you might just see a shelf go green on-the-fly, in which case you won’t even need the map to get to it.

Guide to Grabbing and Inspecting the Package in The Last Worker

Grab the package immediately when you’re in range. There’s no penalty to trying as you approach it, so go nuts.

Once the package is ‘caught’ with your Jüngle gun, reel it in towards your pod either manually or with the ‘Aim Down Sight’ button, which will automatically bring it close to your pod.

The Last Worker Guide: How to score J-Rank

Use the ‘Rotate Package’ buttons liberally as you look at the package. 

First of all, note whether the package is damaged. Do you see scratches on it? Is the blue tape torn? The package may not look damaged from one side, so be sure to rotate it and get a good look. If it is damaged, immediately tag it as damaged and zoom to Recycling to shoot it in there.

The Last Worker Guide: How to score J-Rank

If the product is not damaged, then note the ‘size’ and ‘weight’ labels on it and compare them to what your pod is showing you. The white bit on the label corresponds to the orange bit on the pod. Is the weight the same as on the label?

Packages come in three sizes: small, which takes up a quarter space; medium, which takes up a half space; and large, which takes up the entire space on your pod. There’s no indicator for space on your pod, but you don’t need one – you can tell the size just by looking.

The Last Worker Guide: How to score J-Rank

If the size or weight do not match what you see on the pod, then tag the package as ‘Incorrect Size/Weight’, and zoom off to Recycling. Shoot it in.


There’s no expiry date to check on packages in The Last Worker. You can tell if a product is expired by checking if the product has Christmas decorations (red and green) on the box, and it isn’t Christmas

The Last Worker Guide: How to score J-Rank

The best way to verify this is to make sure Kurt isn’t wearing a Santa costume while working. If Kurt isn’t wearing a Santa costume, then mark all green packages as ‘expired’ and send them to recycling. If Kurt is indeed wearing a Santa costume, then carry on with the usual process.


If a package is marked with the Jüngle Pronto sign, then you are on a time limit to dispatch it. Just rush to the dispatch point and shoot the package in to get it done.

Try Again and Again

You can replay a shift as many times from the post-shift screen. If you didn’t get a J-rank this time, maybe you’ll get one next time?

The Last Worker Guide: How to score J-Rank

That said, The Last Worker only requires you to not get an F-rank (F for ‘fired’!), so if you can’t seem to get a J-rank, then maybe it’s time to move on with the story.

Thank you for following along in our guide for The Last Worker. Check out other interesting articles below!

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke