The Last Worker Guide: Prologue and Chapter 1

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This Into Indie Games guide to The Last Worker covers the prologue and the first chapter of the game, which will introduce you to the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to The Last Worker! This guide is focused on completing the game story and its various endings, and it does not focus on getting achievements.

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Look down at the prompt and press the interact button to begin. Use your left and right arm controls to break through the wall as you approach and then watch the sequence that follows.

The Last Worker Guide: Prologue and Chapter 1

After this, look down at the cardboard box and press the interact button. This takes us to the intro, which you can either watch or skip. Once it’s over either way, look up from where you are for a little surprise.

Chapter 1

After the initial conversation, follow the on-screen controls to learn how to move your character, Kurt. Follow Skew along the path of the ‘painful’ tutorial, and use the ascending controls to rise up to JFC-1.

When you get to the shelves of boxes, continue forwards but keep an eye on the map. When you approach the product (the white icon on the map), collect the product with your Jüngle gun and then place it on your pod. Proceed through the malfunctioning doors using the Sprint control to land up on the other side.

The Last Worker Guide: Prologue and Chapter 1

In the fulfilment area, proceed towards the blue icon on your map. This is your dispatch point, which is where you will dispatch products that you have approved for dispatch. Your current product is fine, so aim it and shoot it off to the dispatch point.

Follow Skew to the next product and pick it up. This box is damaged, so bring it up to your pod then switch to the Tagger. Switch the tagger to have the ‘Damaged’ sticker tag and shoot it at the box. Go to the Recycling point and shoot the tagged product into it.

The Last Worker Guide: Prologue and Chapter 1

Next up is the final test. Find the product and then chase the robot who has it. This is fairly straightforward, but it will test your sprinting and ascending/descending skills. Continue following the product until you start the next sequence.

After this, Kurt begins his actual shift. We suggest reading up on how to score J-rank to learn how to do your job well. Once the segment is done and you’re at Kurt’s home, follow the on-screen prompts to get up and then put on the gas mask.

The Last Worker Guide: Prologue and Chapter 1

You’ll do another shift after this, this time with the possibility of ‘Pronto’ packages. Continue not getting fired, and after the shift is done, follow the icon on the map to get to the location.

In the race segment, remember to pick up the package first and then go down the path, which is fairly straightforward. When you reach the dispatch point, remember to grab the package and shoot it off into dispatch, and then pick up the next one.

The Last Worker Guide: Prologue and Chapter 1

On the third lap, head into the new area that you’re guided towards. Then, when the bird robot says boost, you boost. Head on through the path, shoot the package into dispatch, and watch the sequence that follows.

Later, at Kurt’s home, you have another sequence to watch, which closes out Chapter 1.

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