The Signifier Walkthrough – Chapter 1

Stuck in The Signifier? This puzzle-focused walkthrough will guide you through the first chapter of the game, ‘This is Not a Pipe’.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough guide for The Signifier. This is a puzzle-focused guide to get you through the game, and it is not a story or achievement guide. As The Signifier is an adventure game, we encourage you to explore and investigate as much as possible and only consult this guide when you’re really stuck. Remember that when in a mind memory, you can also consult Evee for hints. Learn more about The Signifier at the official website here.

Chapter 1

This is Not a Pipe

Once the game starts, interact with the box on the desk. After the call, interact with each of the three items in the box and place them on the desk. You can then pick up a strange device. With the device, go to the blinking computer monitor in the centre of the room, the one with the words “Please Insert Disk_”. Interact with the device to the right of the monitor to put the braindisk into it. Now head to the big door and press the button to its left to exit the lab. Go to Johanna’s Apartment (top-left of the map) and approach the detective. You only really need to greet him to continue with the game, but this is a good time to talk to him and examine the items in the apartment. The Signifier screenshot [the_ad_group id=”3614″] Once you’re done, return to the Lab and use the Dreamwalker Machine (centre of the room) to enter Johanna’s memories. Once you’re in, explore the place as you wish. To continue, head up to the upper floor and examine the bed. You will now be able to enter the Subjective State of the memory. Do so. In the Subjective State, go downstairs to the kitchen and pick up the glitching ‘Raw Data’. This Raw Data is actually the clock, which is missing in the Subjective State. Go to the glitching wall between Johanna’s shadow and the flight of stairs, and use the Raw Data there. If you need a reference, switch to the Objective State to find the clock, and then switch back to the Subjective State to place the Raw Data. Go towards the apartment door and you’ll now find a ladder going up. Use it and climb up the ladder into another version of the apartment. Now you’re in a new Memory Event. You’ll find another Raw Data here, near the glitchy dining table and the window. Pick it up. [the_ad_group id=”3614″] Go upstairs to the bathroom and switch to the Objective State. Here, place the Raw Data where the mirror should be. The Signifier screenshot Step out of the bathroom and examine the golden floating hand near the bed. This will take you out of the simulation. Bring up your cellphone and call Tom. Make your decision in the conversation here, and after the call, talk to Evee by interacting with the Dreamwalker machine. After Evee wishes you good night, head out of the laboratory the same way you did before, and this time, choose ‘Home’. After you’re done exploring Home, go upstairs and use the bed to fall asleep. Head to the next chapter of The Signifier here!

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