The Signifier Walkthrough – Chapter 2

Stuck in The Signifier? This puzzle-focused walkthrough will guide you through the second chapter of the game, ‘The Drive’.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough guide for The Signifier. This is a puzzle-focused guide to get you through the game, and it is not a story or achievement guide. As The Signifier is an adventure game, we encourage you to explore and investigate as much as possible and only consult this guide when you’re really stuck. Remember that when in a mind memory, you can also consult Evee for hints.

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Chapter 2

The Drive

After waking up, feel free to explore the house. When you’re ready to proceed, approach the main door and you’ll hear a bell. Look through the peephole by interacting with the door.

When you look away from the peephole, you’ll find an envelope at your feet. Interact with the envelope, read the letter inside, and then put it away. Use the door to exit and go back to the Laboratory.

At the lab, talk to Evee as you did before and she will ask you to leave the letter in the scanning hardware.

You’ll find the scanning hardware to the left of the computer – it is built on a wooden board with a black disk on it. Interact with it to scan the letter.

Now talk to Evee again and after the conversation, you’ll be free to pick a new memory (on the left of the timeline).

Select this memory and then you’ll find three possible states to enter: one objective and two subjective.

The Signifier screenshot

You should explore all three of these memory states to your liking, and in any order you prefer.

To proceed, go to the first subjective memory (on the left) of the timeline). Go to the kitchen here.

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If you keep moving forward in the kitchen, you will keep looping back to the start and find yourself in an endless loop.

To proceed, look back, so that you are looking at the fridge, and then move backwards. Keep going backwards, watching the phenomena that take place in front of you.

When you finally hit a wall, go right to find yourself in a new version of the apartment.

Take the first left, then go straight through the hallway until you reach the living room at the end. Take a right here, go straight, take another right into the kitchen, and a left after the kitchen.

Go absolutely straight to find yourself in a dark, cave-like tunnel. Proceed through the tunnel until you reach a fork. Here, take the left path, through the tan-and-pink tunnel, and into a new version of the apartment. Examine the dog in the hallway.

You’ll a notice here that a new Objective State memory is available. Switch to the Objective State memory by holding down the Control Panel button, and examine the area where the dog was in the hallway.

Now switch back to the Subjective Memory and examine the dog again. Near the dog, you’ll find a glitchy, transparent line hovering in the air. Use this line as a seek bar and move it all the way right, so that you can see the dog move into the black space.

This will make Russell remark on the dog, and Evee will make the dog a usable avatar. After this is done, interact with the dog.

As the dog, go back through the pink tunnel to the fork in the dark cave-like tunnel. Here, take the other route that we ignored before.

Take a left near the kitchen, and a right near the dining table. You’ll find a weird spider-like hand thing at the end of this hallway. Approach the spider-thing and it will move out of the way.

Exit the avatar now and proceed through where the dog is facing to enter a child’s room.

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In this room, you’ll find some raw data glitching around. Pick it up and examine it if you wish.

Now go to the first Objective Memory in the Control Panel (leftmost blue memory) and go to the timewarp where the man sits on a chair using the phone and then goes into the hallway.

Right where you can operate the timewarp, use the Raw Data and Russell will ask Evee to fill in the data.

The Signifier screenshot

You can now check out the real place, as you know the address. Use the Control Panel to return to the lab.

Approach the door to get a call from Laura. Talk to her as you wish, and then exit the Lab to go to Johanna’s Childhood Home (bottom-left of the map).

Enter the apartment building to get a call from Tom, who will ask you for the password. If you want to help Tom, ask for more time or give him the password by skipping ahead to the end of this chapter’s walkthrough. If you don’t want to help Tom, guess a random number or give him a fake password.

To continue investigating Johanna and learn the password, proceed into Johanna’s childhood apartment on the upper floor of the building.

Here, find the slightly-ajar door and interact with it to force it open. Examine the height chart on the wall (with the cartoon giraffe) to find out about Johanna’s sibling.

Next, follow the cat into Johanna’s room. Approach the mirror and look at the poster on the wall through the mirror. Here, the name ‘Poe’ will become reversed as ‘309’. This is the password, as was hinted by Johanna looking at the mirror in the memory.

If you wish to help Tom, provide this password to him when he calls next.

Leave the apartment building area and go back to the lab.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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