The Signifier Walkthrough – Chapter 4 (Part 1)

Stuck in The Signifier? This puzzle-focused walkthrough will guide you through the first part of the fourth chapter, ‘The Collapse’.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough guide for The Signifier. This is a puzzle-focused guide to get you through the game, and it is not a story or achievement guide. As The Signifier is an adventure game, we encourage you to explore and investigate as much as possible and only consult this guide when you’re really stuck. Remember that when in a mind memory, you can also consult Evee for hints.

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Chapter 4

The Collapse

Approach Evee and you’ll get a call from Laura. When Russell puts down his phone, go and open the door using the keypad to the left.

Talk to Laura once she’s inside. Talk with her as you wish, making the choice of either getting her involved or not.

The Signifier screenshot

After Laura is gone, talk to Evee and make a choice regarding AI security. After this, you will have access to two new memories.

Begin with new memory on the left, titled “School Memory”. Head to the Subjective State of that one.

School Memory

Go up the stairs to the mangled bell sound and pick up the Raw Data here. Go across the lawn to the far end of the memory very quickly to avoid the whispering cloud of shadows. If they ‘get’ you, you’ll get booted to the Objective State.

An alternate way to avoid them is to switch to Objective State, go to the far end of the memory, and switch back to Subjective State.

The Signifier screenshot

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In the Subjective State, you should see a distorted image of a woman standing by the wall. There’s a bell above her. Use the Raw Data on the woman and the bell to continue.

Once the shadow children are driven away, enter the classroom that the woman walked towards, and go past the back into the distorted wall.

The Signifier screenshot

When you arrive in the lower room, you will find another piece of Raw Data, which Russell refers to as the Signifier. It’s to the left of where you enter, near the blue closet door.

This Raw Data cannot be used in this memory, so if you’re done exploring, switch to the Control Panel.

Go to the second new memory, marked “Club Memory”, and enter the Subjective State.

Club Memory

Here, approach the two people arguing and your objectives will be updated. (You can also do this in the Objective State).

Go to the apartment entrance after you’re done exploring the apartment. Here, there’s a new pathway. Go down this pathway, through the ‘car’ and onto the road.

The Signifier screenshot

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Go down the road and into the club, where you will unlock a new memory with an objective state.

Switch to the objective state and go down to the lower floor. Here, make your way to the lit-up area, with the red cloth, where Russell makes a remark.

Next, head to the stage, where there’s a pathway to the back. You can’t proceed far in this hallway, so switch to the Subjective State.

Here, look through the crack in the wall.

In this room, you’ll encounter a puzzle. Begin by examining the masks. You can enter through a mask to appear on the opposite side of the room. However, when you do so, you will have to choose which direction the mask looks in.

Whichever direction(s) the masks look in will start to glitch.

However, you first need to complete the memory using the Raw Data found in the School Memory. If you have the Raw Data with you, drop it here. Otherwise, go to the School Memory using your Control Panel and retrieve the Raw Data, then return to this room.

After placing the Raw Data in the scene, you want to train every set of masks to look in a different part of the room, so that every part of the room is glitched.

When you accomplish this, the masks will change into paintings.

Move into one of the paintings and pick up the Raw Data again. Proceed onwards, ignoring the mask that steals your attention. Here, the ‘show’ will take place on the stage. After it is done, you may proceed.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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