The Signifier Walkthrough – Chapter 5

Stuck in The Signifier? This puzzle-focused walkthrough will guide you through the fifth chapter, ‘The Master Signifier’.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough guide for The Signifier. This is a puzzle-focused guide to get you through the game, and it is not a story or achievement guide. As The Signifier is an adventure game, we encourage you to explore and investigate as much as possible and only consult this guide when you’re really stuck. Remember that when in a mind memory, you can also consult Evee for hints.

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Chapter 5

The Master Signifier

Begin by heading to to the scanning hardware (to the left of the computer monitor) and interacting with it to put in the hardware you found at Richard’s place.

Interact with Evee, and you’ll have a new memory to go to: Death Memory. Go to Event 2’s Objective State (the only one available).

Pick up the floating spoon on the lower floor, near the stairs. Go upstairs and put the spoon where the disembodied hand is, i.e. next to Johanna’s side of the bed.

After the sequence of events, you’ll be back in the lab. Attempt to leave the lab.

When the spotlights come on, look at the shadows made against the wall to the opposite of the windows. Here, examine the shadows.

The Signifier screenshot

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After the next loading screen, you’ll be in an objective state memory. Go straight ahead to the glowing square.

Head to Evee and talk to her. In the screen with the many ‘young Johannas’, examine them and watch the events unfold.

The Signifier screenshot

In the scene with the boiler, examine the boiler by walking towards it.

When you’re in the version of the lab with multiple exits, you can hit one ending of the game by talking to Johanna and forcing a shut-down.

Otherwise, start by heading to the exit underneath the stairs, which leads you into Johanna’s club memory again.

Go to the end of this memory to find Johanna sitting on an armchair. After the voice-over is done, converse with the sitting Johanna.

Return to the lab and enter the kitchen exit, which is on the wall with the windows. In the apartment, go to the living room and once again, wait for the voice-over to finish, and then talk to the glitching version of Johanna.

The Signifier screenshot

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Return to the lab after she disappears, and enter the exit at the end of the wall with the windows.

This will take you to Johanna’s last apartment. Head to the coffee table and interact with the glitching Johanna. After the conversation, return to the lab.

Now head up the stairs to reach your own apartment. Wait for the voice-over to finish (or skip through it).

The Signifier screenshot

Finally, at the bottom of the stairs, go through the ‘This is not a pipe’ painting to enter Johanna’s school memory. After the voiceover, talk to the glitching Johanna as before, and return to the lab when done.

Now talk to Johanna and talk to her for your final, crucial conversation, and the game ends.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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