The Wild at Heart Story Walkthrough – Part 2 (Undergrowth)

Stuck in The Wild at Heart? This walkthrough will guide you through the Undergrowth, including learning to use the spritelings.

The Wild at Heart Story Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for The Wild at Heart. This story-oriented walkthrough will guide you through completing the game’s story.

The Wild at Heart is a game of exploration and adventure, so be sure to explore and use your spritelings as much as you can, wherever you can. If you’re stuck, our walkthrough will help you out. For more information on The Wild at Heart, check out the official website here.

Part 2 (Undergrowth)

After meeting Grey Coat, head north and climb the vines. After Grey Coat’s instructions, vacuum the leaf piles to get your first spriteling: a twigling.

Toss your twigling at the toxic mushrooms to break them down.

The Wild at Heart screenshot

Continue onwards from here and hop down the cliff. In the big area, you will need three spritelings to clear the boulder. Begin by heading left and having the spriteling break down the mushrooms.

At the end of this path, you will find another twigling to the north. Toss your existing twigling at the mushrooms and clear a path to retrieve the second twigling.

The Wild at Heart screenshot

Go south from here and toss both your twiglings at the mushroom. The more spritelings you use for a task, the faster it will be accomplished.

Continue south to find a hostile mushroom – these are known as  Gloomcap. This one is wielding a spear, but your spritelings can deal with it.

Head on to the right and deal with the other two Gloomcaps the same way, and approach the trapped spriteling to get it on your side.

There’s some leaf piles and bags in this area to get more junk from, but two of the bags can only be broken by spritelings as they’re on a higher rock.

In general, it is a good idea to send your spritelings to break bags from here on, as they’re much faster at it. Head north-east, break the bags with your spritelings and go to the boulder that is blocking your way.

Toss your spritelings at the boulder. Now head through the opening.

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