The Wild at Heart Story Walkthrough – Part 29 (Wispwagon Pieces #6, #7)

Stuck in The Wild at Heart? This walkthrough will guide you through finding the sixth and seventh pieces of the disk in Wispwagon.

The Wild at Heart Story Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for The Wild at Heart. This story-oriented walkthrough will guide you through completing the game’s story.

The Wild at Heart is a game of exploration and adventure, so be sure to explore and use your spritelings as much as you can, wherever you can. If you’re stuck, our walkthrough will help you out. For more information on The Wild at Heart, check out the official website here.


For the sixth piece, return to the Guardian Statue that you deactivated for Piece #5, and proceed south from there. To the west, there’s a moon stone that you can deactivate with your lunalings.

Go west past the cleared area, then all the way around from the west to the south. Your way ahead is blocked by more corruption, but there is no moon stone here.

Toss five spritelings onto the wooden switch on the higher ledge to open up the wooden gate to the south, and then use your lantern on the corruption node beyond the lowered gate, again to the south.

The Wild at Heart screenshot

After the corruption is gone, pick up your spritelings from the switch and climb up the yellow vines. There’s a windmill here – vacuum it as Wake to lower the gate to the east of your area.

Now go back down the vine and all the way around to where the gate is. Remember to pick up the lunalings at the moon stone! You will need 12 spritelings to move this piece, which is Piece #6.

For the seventh piece, go to the Wispwagon warp pad and from there, go north. Go west until you encounter some Torch Throats. Defeat them with your emberlings.

After dealing with the Torch Throats, go south to find a moon stone. Have your lunalings disable it.

The Wild at heart screenshot

Beyond it, you’ll find some dry bramble to the east. Burn it off with your emberlings and then have those emberlings pick up the disc piece on the fiery area.

Remember to collect your lunalings after you and the emberlings have crossed the corruption. That’s Piece #7 done, leaving only one piece to be found.

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