The Wild at Heart Story Walkthrough – Part 6 (Emberlings, The Twins)

Stuck in The Wild at Heart? This walkthrough will guide you through finding the Soul Shell, acquiring Emberlings, and finding The Twins.

The Wild at Heart Story Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for The Wild at Heart. This story-oriented walkthrough will guide you through completing the game’s story.

The Wild at Heart is a game of exploration and adventure, so be sure to explore and use your spritelings as much as you can, wherever you can. If you’re stuck, our walkthrough will help you out. For more information on The Wild at Heart, check out the official website here.

Establishing Camp

Take a team of 15 spritelings and exit the Grove.

Follow the path you originally took to reach the Catafalque, and instead of going up the cliff, go towards the river.

Head northwards to a signboard that tells of a camp.

Throw your spritelings on the closed flower to the east of the signboard, cross the lily pads and go north. Vacuum the junk in the spirit well to clear it up and set up a camp.

The Soul Shell

From the camp, head west and use your twiglings on the toxic mushrooms to clear a path. Go further west, to a broken bridge.

You can’t fully fix it from here, but you can hop across from the little bit jutting out to the north of the bridge.

The Wild at Heart screenshot

Go north towards the big boulder and toss your spritelings on the red bush that’s near the pile of sticks. This is actually a Bushback.

After defeating the Bushback, have your spritelings use the sticks to half-build the bridge. Head west, defeat the Gumblops, break the toxic mushrooms, and finish building the bridge with the remaining sticks.

Further west, you’ll find a fiery-looking spriteling beckoning you. Before following him, though, go west from where he was beckoning you, past the Crud, where you’ll find a big stone block.

Use 15 spritelings to move the big stone block.

The Wild at Heart screenshot

Past this, you’ll find a Soul Shell, which is a very important addition to the Grove. Toss 10 spritelings at it to pick it up and take it to the warp pad near your camp.

Near where the stone block is now, you’ll find a hidden area too. Use your remaining 5 spritelings to collect the old sword in this area.

While your spritelings move the two items to the warp pad, you can open the chest.

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The Emberlings

Once the Soul Shell and the sword are warped, collect your spritelings again and return to the Crud. Toss 4 spritelings onto the island in the Crud.

Be careful not to toss them into the Crud itself or they will die.

The Wild at Heart screenshot

Cross the Crud to the other side and then vacuum the spritelings from the island.

Head north to find a cat and then further north to find a broken windmill. Have your 4 spritelings lift the windmill’s wheel and put it on the base.

Vacuum the finished windmill to open up the way to the fiery spriteling. When returning from the Crud, follow the same procedure as before – toss spritelings onto the island, cross, vacuum.

Go north now to meet the Emberlings.

The Twins

Head west upon acquiring the emberlings to find some fiery plants.

Have your emberlings break them down. Go north and defeat the Gloomcaps.

There’s more fiery plants to the west – break them down and pass through to find more emberlings on the other side.

You should have your emberlings break the pip squashes here, so you’ll be able to hatch more emberlings later.

The Wild at Heart screenshot

Once you’re ready, quickly toss 5 emberlings on the yellow dry bramble that surrounds the windmill wheel. Then get your spritelings to install the wheel. Hop down and repeat the process on the bramble surrounding the golden cog.

Have your spritelings install the cog. Go to the far east of this area, where you entered and first met the emberlings.

Here, there’s a fiery-hot cog that only emberlings can lift. Toss them over and have them finish the contraption.

The Wild at Heart screenshot

Once it’s done, vacuum the windmill and head north. Use the signboard to ride the lift up.

You’re now in the Frostfields. Head west and clear the bramble with your emberlings.

Head north to meet two Greenshields, fulfilling one of the objectives of your list. You can now explore this area more if you like, but we’ll be returning to the Frostfields later to properly explore it, so you can also just return to the Deep Woods now instead.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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