Luna The Shadow Dust Walkthrough – Part 2

Music, skulls, shadows, and projectors oh my! Find out how to solve the puzzles of Luna The Shadow Dust in our text walkthrough!

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Luna The Shadow Dust!

Luna The Shadow Dust, like most point-and-click adventure games, is best played by exploring it and experimenting with the various objects on screen. But if you’re stuck on one of the game’s many puzzles, consult this walkthrough!

For more information on Luna The Shadow Dust, check out its official website here.

To know more about how Luna The Shadow Dust was created, check out our interviews with the game’s developer Lantern Studio, and the game’s publisher Application Systems Heidelberg.

The Music Room

Luna The Shadow Dust screenshot

This room can be a little confusing, so here’s an explanation of how it all works.

Your goal is to recreate a melody sung by the birds on the mural of the room’s background wall. To do this, you need to create copies of Layh who will each sing a specific note. Then you need to arrange the copies on the floor pillows in the correct order.

Start by moving Üri to the door to the right and turning the crank on the door. This will let you listen to the melody you need to copy.

Next, pay attention to the white screen on the organ, just above the music book. It should have a picture of one of the birds on the mural. Make sure it’s set to the first bird (although you can create the copies in any order, so long as you place them correctly). If you need to change the bird shown on the screen, use the lever to the right of the organ.

Move Layh onto the stool seat in front of the organ and he will get sucked in. A copy of Layh will emerge along with Layh. You can tell them apart by the little design below the black portion of Layh’s face, which is unique to the original Layh.

If you select the copy, it will sound the note it has been assigned. The bird on the mural will light up as well, so you can make sure you got it right. If it is a copy of the first bird, move it to the first pillow.

Repeat the procedure above for each of the notes. Use the lever to the right of the organ to change the bird shown on the screen, as necessary.

If you need help with the order, remember that the song is in this order, from left to right: 1-7-6-4-5-3-4.

If you get it right, the full song will start to play and the door will open up. You will also lose control of the copies of Layh and be left with the real Layh (and of course, Üri).

Move Üri and Layh through the door to continue.

The Collection

This room is dark, but you can’t reach the lantern just yet. Move Üri to the far right and pull on the string that is hanging from the horn of the skull above the door.

The lantern will fall, and you can now use it to light up the room.

This is where you will make use of an important ability that Layh has: to blend into the shadows.

First, have Layh climb the ladder to the left of the room. Next, make Layh jump onto the shadow of the ladder.

Move Üri so that his shadow is located just to the right of the ladder’s shadow. Make Layh jump onto the head of Üri’s shadow, and then onto the flat shadow to his right.

Luna The Shadow Dust screenshot

By this time, the drawer with the cactus inside should have opened up. Layh can’t walk through the shadow of the cactus, so you’ll need to get rid of it. This part is a little tricky.

Close the drawer with the cactus, and then immediately close the drawer to the right with the feathers popping out of it. You have to do it quickly or the bird will fly and make Layh fall off the shadows. If Layh falls, you’ll have to climb up the ladder all and jump across the head all over again.

Once you’ve closed the drawer with the feathers, a new cactus drawer will open up. Ignore it for now. Move Layh to the right of the shadow platform and then use the head of Üri’s shadow once more to make Layh jump to the right. Have Layh jump onto the shadow of the case that contains the dragon skeleton.

Now close the cactus drawer and immediately switch to Layh. Jump onto the higher shadow platform, and up another one. The bird should, by this point, pass below Layh. If the bird touches Layh, you’ll have to start the whole process over.

Once the bird passes beneath Layh, jump onto the lower platform and quickly jump onto the horn of the skull above the door. This will finally open up the door for you. Move Üri and Layh through the door to continue.

Layh and The Projector Room

A cutscene will follow after you have left the previous room. At the end of it, you will have control of Layh. Go through the door on the ledge, and then, in the next room, climb the ladder to the right. Go through the door with the orange light. This will take you to the Projector Room.

When you enter the room, you will encounter a cutscene with the two rats. When it ends, one of the rats will hug the projector lamp.

Move Layh to beneath the bell that is hanging from the lamp. Now wait and watch the shadows that are rotating around the room. One of the shadows looks like a boat with an oar – wait for it to appear just above the bed on the right side of the room. When the lower flat portion of the boat is just above the orange blanket on the bed, ring the lamp to make the rotation stop.

Now move Layh onto the stool next to the bed, and then onto the bed itself. Interact with the bed once more to have Layh jump onto the shadow of the boat.

Luna The Shadow Dust screenshot

From the boat, jump onto the horizontal section of pipe to the left of the boat. Next, jump up the two bowl-shaped shadows, and onto the windowsill located above them. Finally, jump onto the rafter above the windowsill.

As Layh is close to the rat, the rat will be spooked and drop the cheese it was eating. The other rat is finally off the projector lamp, giving you access to the rest of the room.

Move Layh back down the same way, via the windowsill, shadows, and pipe.

Ring the bell to get the shadows rotating again and this time, make the rotation stop right when you have a bowl-shaped shadow above the bed. If you got it right, you should see a pyramid to the lower-left of the bowl, and a large bowl to the upper-left of the pipe.

As before, jump onto the stool and the bed, and then bounce on the bed to get up to the first, smaller bowl. Then jump onto the horizontal section of the pipe, and then the larger bowl. Go to the left and jump onto the windowsill. Jump up onto the next shadow bowl and then another windowsill.

You will find yourself in a dark place, and there’s nowhere to go but down. So jump off the ledge and plunge into the darkness!

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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