Luna The Shadow Dust Walkthrough – Part 3

What are Üri and Layh going to do next? Find out how to solve the puzzles of Luna The Shadow Dust in our text walkthrough!

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Luna The Shadow Dust!

Luna The Shadow Dust, like most point-and-click adventure games, is best played by exploring it and experimenting with the various objects on screen. But if you’re stuck on one of the game’s many puzzles, consult this walkthrough!

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Üri and the floating islands

Luna The Shadow Dust walkthrough

After a long cutscene featuring Üri, you will find yourself on a floating island with a rat (who can apparently breathe in space).

Interact with the rat several times until it digs a hole into the island. Have Üri jump into the hole to reveal the rat’s little home inside the island.

Interact with the boat to climb onto it and then use the the black lamp hanging from the boat to start it up. Üri will then be well on his way.

On the next island, you encounter a black stone with a five-pointed star drawn on it, as well as a smaller stone with a coloured orb and a symbol on the orb. Get off the boat, change the orb to make it blue, and then climb aboard the boat again. Use the lamp to proceed.

On this island, you will find the large stone has two stars together. Get off the boat again, change the orb to blue again, and get back on board. Use the lamp to proceed.

On the third island with the stones, you will find a large stone with three stars locked together. As before, change the orb to blue and use the lamp on the boat to proceed.

Finally, you reach the island with a bright yellow star on its stone. There will also be three chimneys emerging from the stone, each with a blue light. The light corresponds to the colour of the orb for each of the islands you visited.

From this final island, you can access any of the previous three islands. The blue orb on the island’s stone can be changed to show either one, two, or three stars. When you use the boat with the glowing lamp, you will go to the corresponding island.

Go to the one-star island and change the blue orb here back to yellow. Return to the final island and you’ll find one of the chimneys has gone yellow and active.

Change the blue orb here to two stars, and take the boat to the two-star island. Repeat the process here – change the orb to yellow, and return to the final island.

Finally, repeat this process with the third, three-star island. If you did it right, all three chimneys will be light up yellow and stars will fly out of the horn. Now get onto the second boat located to the right of the island, and use the lamp to return to the tower.

The Boiler Room

Luna The Shadow Dust walkthrough

Once Üri’s boat lands at the tower, have him climb the ladder down and then go through the door. In the next room, go down another ladder.

You’ll find yourself in the boiler room, where you can once again control both Üri and Layh. The two are separated, but they will have to work together independently.

As Üri, turn the crank to the far right of the room. This turns the boiler on. Switch to Layh, who should be hovering above a steam exhaust. Jump onto the platform to the left and then proceed towards the vertical pipe. You can’t approach it just yet because of the steam, so switch back to Üri.

As Üri, move the box all the way to the left, so that it is located below the black valve to the right of the ladder. Climb the box and turn the valve. Switch to Layh and you’ll find that things are much safer now. Move to the far left of the platform, past where the vertical pipe should connect.

Switch back to Üri and turn the valve once more. Since you’ve positioned Layh in the corner, you should be safe from the steam to the right. Jump onto the platform to Layh’s upper-left.

Go back to Üri and turn the valve once more to set the pipe horizontal so that Layh will be able to walk across later. Finally, there’s the matter of the steam. Jump off the box and go to the right to turn the crank again. This will turn the boiler machine off.

Switch to Layh, walk across the horizontal pipe, jump up the platforms until you can’t jump up anymore. You’ll notice that the pipe Layh is standing on is broken, which means it can serve as a steam exhaust.

As Üri, turn the crank again and switch to Layh. Jump onto the higher platform and get out of the place!

Switch back to Üri, climb up the ladder to the left of the room to return to the previous room you were in.

This will start off a rather heartwarming cutscene. Once the cutscene ends, have both Üri and Layh leave the room via the door.

Once you’re outside, have both Üri and Layh walk to the far right of the ledge. They will automatically climb the first ladder and end up on the same platform as the boat. Climb the second ladder leading upwards to make it to the next room.

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