Luna The Shadow Dust Walkthrough – Part 4

How do you solve the stained glass and seasons rooms? Find out how to solve the puzzles of Luna The Shadow Dust in our text walkthrough!

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Luna The Shadow Dust!

Luna The Shadow Dust, like most point-and-click adventure games, is best played by exploring it and experimenting with the various objects on screen. But if you’re stuck on one of the game’s many puzzles, consult this walkthrough!

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The Stained Glass Room

Luna The Shadow Dust screenshot

This room is dark for now, but we’ll light it up in a jiffy. Switch to Layh and go through the broken section of the wall to the lower-left side of the room.

Layh ends up in a strange, floating night sky dimension. There are four statues here, each of which has an open blue hand. Make Layh float to the statue entity on the far left, and settle into the blue hand. Wait for the coloured details to show up.

Luna The Shadow Dust screenshot

The first statue has swords stuck into it and a particular symbol that loosely looks like a comb.

Switch to Üri and press the yellow orb repeatedly until you see a sword on the stained glass, to the right of the kneeling entity. Next, keep pressing the blue orb repeatedly until you switch the symbol to one that has three spikes pointing downwards. If you do it right, you’ll see one of the circular windows on top light up.

You need to do this puzzle for each of the four statues.

Luna The Shadow Dust screenshot

The second statue’s motif is plants with circular ends, and their symbol is a four-pointed star.

The third statue’s motif is scrolls and their symbol is a two-pointed star.

Finally, the fourth statue’s motif is a leaf-bearing vine. For this one, the stained glass will also depict a snake on one side, so don’t worry. The symbol is a two-pointed star surrounded by small circles.

Once you have all four windows lit up, the door will be open for you. Head out, and remember to bring Layh back with you! In case you forgot, the opening through the wall is located just to the left of the third statue, at the very base of the screen.

The Seasons Room

Luna The Shadow Dust screenshot

After leaving the last room, you’ll end up on a ledge. Climb the ladder and enter through the door to continue to the Seasons Room.

The idea behind this room is that the door is a portal to a pocket dimension. You can control the season of this dimension by using the orb in the Seasons Room.

Each of the seasons has a ‘problem’ at present that you will need to resolve. Once you have restored all four seasons back to normalcy, you will be allowed to proceed.

After entering the Seasons Room, use the orb and then the door to get familiar with how things work. Once you’re ready to proceed, read on:

Switch to the red orb (Autumn, or if you prefer, Fall) and move Layh into the pocket dimension through the door. As Layh, go to the left, where you’ll find two stones next to a bigger stone. Jump onto one of the smaller stones.

As Üri, switch the seasons to the yellow orb (Spring). As Üri, go through the door to enter the Spring version of the dimension. Head left and you’ll find that Layh is made of stone in this version. Stand on the other stone to press it down. This will release the bee from the hole and pollinate the flowers on the trees.

Once it returns to its hole, you will have fixed ‘Spring’.

Next, switch to Layh. Jump off the stone while in Autumn, and walk far to the right. You will find a hand pump to the right of the tree. Stand right under the handle of the hand pump.

As Üri, head through the door to return to the Seasons Room. Now press the orb to switch to green (Summer). Head back through the door and go to the hand pump. Now you can stand on the stone version of Layh to use the hand pump. Keep pulling on the pump repeatedly until you successfully water the tree and cause new fruit to appear.

Switch to Layh, who is still in Autumn. You’ll find that a bunch of bad birds are eating up and spoiling all the fruit. Head to the left (notice how Üri and jump onto the lower part of the tree’s trunk.

Switch to Üri and stand immediately to the right of where Layh is. Switch to Layh and jump on Üri’s head so you can access the higher part of the tree trunk. This should be enough to spook the birds and restore the fruit.

Return to the Seasons Room as both Üri and Layh. This leaves just one season: Winter. Switch the orb to blue and enter the door as Üri. When the black fruit falls down, interact with it to send it rolling through the door.

Go back through the door and you’ll have completed all four seasons. Switch the orb to the ‘empty’ state (which looks like a dark yellow). This makes the final door materialise for you. Use the black fruit as Üri and he’ll put it into the hole in the door. (If you can’t see the hole in the door, you probably have Layh blocking it, so move Layh away from the door).

Once the door opens, head through it as both Üri and Layh.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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