Toem Stamps Walkthrough – Kiiruberg, Part 6

Stuck in Toem? Here’s how to take the right pictures in Kiiruberg to assemble the snowman and listen to the goat choir.

Toem Stamps Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Toem! This guide focuses on collecting stamps only, and it does not currently cover compendium photos.

The stamps in Toem are not numbered, but we’ll be numbering them here to make things more manageable. For more information on Toem, check out the official website here.


Stamp: Listen to the Goat Choir

To get this task, first train your camera on any of the goats in the mountains.

One obvious goat can be found in the birthday party area, on a peak near the exit to the bus stop.

Toem screenshot

Keep your camera on the goat until the progress bar fills, and then go to the Rock Climber area.

Here, examine the signboard near the exit and then sit on the bench. This will get you the objective, which is to reunite all the goats of the goat choir.

Apart from the goat in the birthday party area, you’ll find one goat in the cave area. To get this one, climb up the long rope and stand on the bridge for the best view.

The goat is on a peak in the direction of the ice block.

Toem screenshot

The third goat can be found in the skiing area. This is a darker-colored goat, and you can find it by going to the ‘right-side’ end of the area, i.e. the end where the ski ramp is.

When you’re done, return to the goat choir location, near the rock climber. Examine the signboard to listen to the choir and get your stamp!

Stamp: Assemble a Snowman

To get this task, go to the giggling snowman, aim your camera at him, and use your horn.

Toem indie game screenshot

To complete the task and get your stamp, you must find the head and torso of the snowman.

The torso of the snowman can be found at the bottom of the plankway, on a picnic table near the in the center of the area.

The head of the snowman can be found in the skiing area, i.e. at the top of the plankway.

The head is located on top of a tree, behind the skier, and in front of the rope.

Toem screenshot

Take a picture of the torso and the head, and return to the formerly-giggling snowman dude. Show him your pictures of the head and torso to get the stamp.

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