Toem Stamps Walkthrough – Logcity, Part 1

Stuck in Toem? Here’s how to take the right pictures in Logcity to acquire the ‘Young and Inspiring’ and ‘Super Hotbean Bros.’ stamps.

Toem Stamps Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Toem! This guide focuses on collecting stamps only, and it does not currently cover compendium photos.

The stamps in Toem are not numbered, but we’ll be numbering them here to make things more manageable. For more information on Toem, check out the official website here.


Stamp: Young and Inspiring

To get this mission, talk to the lady standing outside the Hotbean Bros. shop. She’ll give you the task, which requires taking pictures of the influencer with food in the frame.

You have to do this at Hotbean Bros. and also near the café.

This one is straightforward: take a picture of the influencer with the hotbean. Then, take the exit near her to go to the area with the café in it.

Outside the café, you’ll find a table with burger and fries on it. Take a picture of the influencer with the tray of burger and fries.

Toem walkthrough

Show her each of the images and get your stamp!

Stamp: Super Hotbean Bros.

You can get this mission by talking to the ‘hotbean’ food cart owner in the central area of Logcity, i.e. the area you access by taking the elevator up.

The owner will give you a special hotbean hat to wear that will attract customers. You need to attract 3 customers in all.

You can find one customer in the area with the crossable street – you can access it by taking the leftmost exit from the central area of Logcity.

Cross the street, go up the stairs, and talk to the person standing below the tree. When they ask about the smell, be sure to mention Hotbean Bros.

Toem walkthrough

Another customer can be found in the skateboarding area. To reach this area, you can take a taxi from the café area.

You can recognize it by the sole skateboarding kid. Talk to the hungry person here to get them as a customer.

A third customer can be found in the area with the video billboards. You can access it by taking the central exit in the central area of Logcity (i.e. the exit to the right of the clock tower).

The customer can be found near a row of bicycles, about in the middle of the area.

Toem screenshot

After you’ve got all three customers, return to Hotbean Bros. food cart and get your stamp from the owner.

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