Toem Stamps Walkthrough – Logcity, Part 4

Stuck in Toem? Here’s how to take the right pictures in Logcity to solve the Press-ing News and A Design Problem tasks to get their stamps.

Toem Stamps Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Toem! This guide focuses on collecting stamps only, and it does not currently cover compendium photos.

The stamps in Toem are not numbered, but we’ll be numbering them here to make things more manageable. For more information on Toem, check out the official website here.


Stamp: Press-ing News

This mission can be found in the building near the bridge where you find the photo challenger. Talk to the mustached newspaper boss here and then attempt to leave the area to get the task.

The first task, ‘A Great Mustache’ is extremely easy. After all, the boss himself has a great mustache.

Pull out your camera and make sure to zoom in on the mustache so that the camera detects it separately from the boss himself. Take a picture and show it to the boss.

Toem screenshot

For the ‘Fashion Show’ task, exit the building and cross the bridge. In the area you enter, go to the center and enter the only building you can enter in this area, which leads you to the fashion show.

Put on your reporter hat and talk to the shaved head dude in the back, then enter the backroom once he clears the way for you.

You should now follow the instructions for ‘A Design Problem’ below to get the picture you need. Do that stamp while you’re at it.

Once you have the picture of the model, return to the press boss and show him your picture. (Remember to put on your reporter hat when you talk to the boss).

Stamp: A Design Problem

To get this mission, you must first initiate ‘Press-ing News’ and acquire the reporter’s hat. Follow the instructions for it to learn how to enter the fashion show backroom.

Talk to the fashion designer here to get the mission. To get the stamp, simply take your hat off and wear any other headgear you might have found.

The fashion designer will love it. Exit the backroom and stick around for the fashion show. You should take your picture for ‘Press-ing News’ here.

Toem screenshot

Then enter the backroom again and talk to the fashion designer to get your stamp.

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