Toem Stamps Walkthrough – Oaklaville, Part 3

Stuck in Toem? Here’s how to take the right pictures in Oaklaville to do the photo challenge, find the missing sock, and become cup champion.

Toem Stamps Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Toem! This guide focuses on collecting stamps only, and it does not currently cover compendium photos.

The stamps in Toem are not numbered, but we’ll be numbering them here to make things more manageable. For more information on Toem, check out the official website here.


Stamp: Cup Champion

To find this mission, go to the area between the central area and the hide-and-seek area, where you’ll find several cups on a wooden table.

Make sure your Ghost Glasses are on, and talk to the ghost behind the table. Play the game with the ghost and keep an eye on the cup with the socks underneath it.

Once you get the socks from the ghost, you’ll get this mission. (You can use these socks to get the Missing Socks stamp).

When you’re ready, talk to the ghost again. Once again, keep an eye on the cup with the rock.

Keep doing this for three increasingly harder rounds, and you’ll get your stamp if you succeed.

Stamp: Missing Socks

To get this mission, go to the central area in Oaklaville (just past the bus stop) and head over to where the socks are being dried. You’ll meet a… sock person… sitting on a bench. Talk to them and get the mission.

Toem screenshot

You should now follow the instructions to get the Cup Champion stamp. Note that Cup Champion requires you to have the Ghost Glasses from the graveyard area, located past the hide-and-seek area.

When you receive the wet socks, return to the sock-person to give them the sock and get your stamp.

Toem screenshot

Stamp: Photo Challenge #1

To get this mission, go to the camp and take the exit past the lodge. You should find the photo challenger here, near a couple of large rocks.

Your objective is fairly simple: three pictures – of a mossy rock, a pine tree, and an axe.

Toem screenshot

You can take the mossy rock and pine tree pictures right from where you’re standing – just take a picture each of the mossy boulders and the trees around you.

For the axe, go to the camp and towards the chopped wood exit. Without leaving the area, take a picture of the axe embedded in the tree trunk.

Show the photo challenger all three pictures to get your stamp.

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