Toem Stamps Walkthrough – Stanhamn, Part 7

Stuck in Toem? Here’s how to take the right pictures in Stanhamn to solve the Ocean Garbage and Queen of Paper Hats tasks.

Toem Stamps Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Toem! This guide focuses on collecting stamps only, and it does not currently cover compendium photos.

The stamps in Toem are not numbered, but we’ll be numbering them here to make things more manageable. For more information on Toem, check out the official website here.


Stamp: Ocean Garbage

To get this task, go to the Fishing Tower (you can find it by going right from the Hydroplant and passing through the next area).

When you approach a crate on the upper ledge of the area (where the tower is), you will find a strange person inside the crate who will give you the task.

Toem walkthrough

After you get the task, it’s fairly straightforward and similar to the “Solve the Chaos” task. You only need to point to floating garbage with your camera.

There’s five cubes of garbage in all. You only need to point at them and wait for the progress bar to fill up – you do not need to take a picture.

One of the cubes of garbage will reveal a chest that contains a diving helmet – an invaluable tool for some tasks.

After you’ve retrieved all the garbage, talk to the crate-person again and get your stamp!

Toem screenshot

Stamp: Queen of Paper Hats

To get this mission, you must first complete “Solve the Chaos” and acquire the honk attachment for your camera.

Then, find the Pirate Queen in the bridge area where you found the photo challenger and the frog. Honk at the Pirate Queen to wake her up from her sleep and she’ll give you the key to her treasure.

Toem game screenshot

After this, you should complete the task “Ocean Garbage”, which will give you a diving helmet with which to go underwater.

With the diving helmet equipped, go to the tourist beach (two areas to the left of the harbor), and approach the pier. Honk at the birds to drive them away, and then enter the manhole to go underwater.

In the underwater area, you’ll find a chest that you can unlock with the Pirate Queen’s key. Of course, the chest has the hat you’re looking for.

Return to the pirate queen and honk to wake her up. Then talk to her and get your stamp.

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