Truberbrook Complete Walkthrough – Chapter 1

In this chapter of Truberbrook, we try to fix a cable car and chase down the physics paper thief. If you’re stuck, check out our complete walkthrough.

This walkthrough series of Truberbrook covers the game on a puzzle-by-puzzle basis, which involves a lot of backtracking. It also omits side-content that isn’t relevant to the story progression. At all times, it is recommended that you explore the game world yourself and only consult this walkthrough when you’re really stuck.

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Your new objective is to get the cable car running. For this, you need to fix the main power line and find the key needed to operate the cable car.

Locating the cable car key

Go to the guesthouse and talk to Trude. If you talk to her about the cable car, she will tell you some of Truberbrook’s history. It would seem that the mine that the cable car leads to was owned by one Baron von Sülz.

Question her about the establishment, and exhaust all the dialogue options. You will then be able to order a beer. Do so, and Trude will set the beer down on the counter. Drink up (you may have to step away from the counter to be able to see the beer). As you drink, a coaster will drop to the floor. Pick it up, and then pick up a second coaster that’s on the table near the bottom of the screen.

Head out of the guesthouse and use the coasters with the wobbly table in front of the man in the rocking chair. Talk to the man, exhausting all his dialogue, and you’ll learn that he is in fact Baron von Sülz, the man who owned the mine near Truberbrook. Ask him to lend the cable car key, and he’ll tell you that he’s distracted by the disappearance of his ‘cat’ Klaus.

Finding Klaus

If you go back to the bus stop, you’ll find that Klaus is on a tree branch. You’ll have to get him down and reunite him with the Baron. This puzzle requires a lot of items, so we’re going to go grab all of them first.

Go back to the guesthouse. Walk to the far right of the screen and you’ll find a girl watching TV. Try to use the TV, and you’ll start talking to the girl, who introduces herself as Leni. By the time you finish talking to Leni, you’ll learn that her uncle had a secret. To make her reveal the secret, use the recorder device with her. You will learn the location of Leni’s uncle’s stash.

Before you head to Hans’ room, use the buffet to pick up a cheese skewer. Also pick up the tuna can lying on the floor. These two items will come in handy soon.

Go up to Hans’ room and use the carpet, then the stash. You’ll pick up a bottle of schnapps, which will also come in handy. Finally, you’ll find some bedclothes to the far right of the screen. Grab those as well.

Exit the guesthouse and return to the lookout. You’ll find a cardboard box to the far right of the screen, which you should pick up.

Now, armed with a lot of seemingly unrelated equipment, return to the bus stop. Use the bedclothes with the boat. Pick up one of the reeds next to the bus stop. Then, use the reed, cheese skewer and schnapps with Klaus. If you placed the bedclothes on the boat, Klaus will bounce off and stand in front of you. Try to grab him, and then follow him to the town square.

Use the tuna can with Klaus, and then when Klaus is eating, use the cardboard box on him. Now head up to the lookout.

Try to grab Klaus and the poor fox will get electrocuted. That makes it easy to grab him and bring him over to the Baron von Sülz.

Return to the Baron and present Klaus. Talk to the Baron and inquire about the cable car key to finally receive it.

Fixing the power to the cable car

Go to the guesthouse and examine the fishing rods behind Trude. You’ll need to pawn something to get one. Head up to your room and look under the bed to find a ‘massage rod’. Head back to Trude and present her with the massage rod to get your fishing rod. Head to the far right of the screen to the buffet, and examine the roast meat on the table. Use it to pick up the maggot.

Go all the way to the bus stop and use the fishing rod and maggot with the pier. You’ll make an impressive catch of a can opener. Grab the fishing rod again and go back to the town square.

Use the can opener on the suit of armour in the middle of the town square. Use the disassembled armour and Hans will suit up. Go to the lookout (very slowly).

Use the cables and you’ll fix up the power (and also be free of the godforsaken armour).

Using the cable car

Use the cable car key on the terminal that Gretchen is working on. That’ll fix the cable car system, but you’ll still need a way to actually use the cable car.

Head to the guesthouse, and then to your room. Use the wardrobe to the left of the screen and then use it again to pick up a hanger. Now open the room window and pick up another hanger that’s hanging on the clothesline.

Return to the lookout and use the hangers on the cable of the cable car.

Watch the next cutscene and then you’ll find yourself in Chapter 2.

Truberbrook Complete Walkthrough – Chapter 2

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