Truberbrook Complete Walkthrough – Chapter 2

In this chapter of Truberbrook, we attempt to escape the Sanatorium Paradiso. If you’re stuck, check out our complete walkthrough.

This walkthrough series of Truberbrook covers the game on a puzzle-by-puzzle basis, which involves a lot of backtracking. It also omits side-content that isn’t relevant to the story progression. At all times, it is recommended that you explore the game world yourself and only consult this walkthrough when you’re really stuck.

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You’ll find yourself in a black void. You can walk around if you like, but you really need to wait for the scene to end. When you wake up, you are in a patient room.

‘Use’ Hans three times, and he’ll wake up. Have a chat with the doctor until he leaves, and you’ll find yourself trapped in the patient room.

Escaping the patient room

You may notice that there is a ventilation shaft to the far left of the screen, which could serve as your exit. However, you’ll first need to reach it. Examine the ladder that’s near the bed to ‘pick it up’. Use the ladder with the ventilation shaft to position it.

You can now try to use the ventilation shaft, but the doctor will notice you’re not in bed. To fool him, use the skeleton model near the bed.

However, you still can’t leave via the ventilation shaft as you need to unscrew the small screws holding its cover in place.

Use the shower curtain to the far right to move it aside. Try to use the shower valves, and you’ll notice that the shower is clogged. Now use the shower, and a coin will fall out. Use the coin with the ventilation shaft to remove its cover.

Finally, you can now use the ladder to leave the room.

Truberbrook screenshot

Exploring (and escaping) Sanatorium Paradiso

The main door of the sanatorium is locked up tight, so you’re going to have to get creative to leave. You can explore the sanatorium freely, but there is no key in sight.

On the other hand, if you return to your room (via the ventilation shaft) and knock on the door, you will have the option to undergo ‘further tests’ with the doctor. If you say you are ready, you will be taken to an interrogation room which does happen to have the key you need. You can’t quite grab it just yet, however. To return to your room, answer the doctor’s questions as you wish.

Go back to the main hall of Sanatorium Paradiso. There’s a sunlamp on the floor, near the reception counter. Pick it up. Then, go upstairs to the office. You might notice some aluminium foil on the grill in the gallery. Grab the foil.

Now exit the office and head back to your room via the ventilation shaft. Use the foil on the sparking fuse box to the left to make it stop sparking. Go to the right of the screen and examine the shower wall to the right of the shower to find an inspectable area. Hans will notice that there’s something written on the wall. Use the sunlamp on the wall marking to reveal a numerical code. Examine this code so that Hans makes a mental note of it.

Head out to the main hall again and use the code on the safe behind the reception counter. Read the file, especially the highlighted portions. It would seem that to ‘pass’ the doctor’s test, you need to prove you are not like the person on the file. To do that, you must display a capability to harbour hideous and evil thoughts.

Upon putting down the file, you will be taken by the doctor to the interrogation room. Talk to the doctor to begin the ‘tests’. You will now have to answer the doctor’s questions correctly to proceed. If you don’t, you will be sent back to your room. To return to the interrogation room you can re-examine the file in the safe, or knock on the patient room door from the inside.

For the first three questions, answer with the fourth option each time (which will be something violent or horrific). If you answer correctly, you will proceed to the next section of the test.

Here, you are free to answer as you wish. You will pass the tests as long as you have answered the previous three questions ‘correctly’. Grab the key and head out of the door to the right. Use the key on the locked main door and you’ll have finished Chapter Two.

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