Truberbrook Complete Walkthrough – Chapter 4 Part 1

In this chapter of Truberbrook, we solve a some puzzles to prepare building the quantum discriminator. If you’re stuck, check out our complete walkthrough.

This walkthrough series of Truberbrook covers the game on a puzzle-by-puzzle basis, which involves a lot of backtracking. It also omits side-content that isn’t relevant to the story progression. At all times, it is recommended that you explore the game world yourself and only consult this walkthrough when you’re really stuck.

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You’ll start off once again in a black void. Walk to the left until you see the white hexagon and the doctor from the sanatorium. Talk to him to return to your world.

Once you’re out of the black void, you’ll find yourself at the lookout talking to Lazarus Taft. Finish your conversation with him, and you’ll move to your room. Finish your conversation there to learn of your next set of objectives.

To finish the quantum discriminator you need: a power source, a particle accelerator, a coolant, and an interface device.

You can handle these four objectives in any way you like and chances are, you will handle most of them at the same time. However in this walkthrough, for the sake of clarity, we are separating each objective.

Before we get on with the objectives though, we’re going to solve a few sequential puzzles that will open up the full environment for exploration.

1. ‘Winning’ the raffle to unlock the treehouse

You first need to participate in the raffle at the town fair. Go to the bus stop and use your hotspot indicator to find a ticket lying on the ground, near the pier. Grab it and go back to the town square.

If you picked up the ticket, the raffle will be announced immediately. Use the ticket with the raffle stand, and you’ll win a can of cat food. Go to the Baron and mention the raffle. You will learn that the Baron won a pair of hiking boots, and he will offer to trade them for your cat food. Do so, and you’ll be in possession of hiking boots.

Now go up to the lookout (using the stairs next to the guesthouse) and you’ll meet a new character, the Alpinist. You will have to talk to her several times to get to know her and open up the option to ask her about the raffle. Mention it, and she will offer to exchange hiking boots for her snuffbox.

Truberbrook screenshot

Return to the town centre and talk to the sailor at the far left. As before, mention the raffle and you’ll have the option to trade the snuffbox for a boat trip voucher. Make the trade, and you’ll finally have ‘won’ the raffle’s big prize.

Now go to the bus stop and you’ll find a mysterious man walking away to the left. Follow the man to the far left of the screen to reach the tree surrounded by junk. This area is known as the treehouse, and it’s the first unlockable area you’ve discovered in this chapter.

2. Fixing the paddleboat (and getting fast travel)

After receiving a boat trip voucher, you will find a paddleboat by the pier. Examine the paddleboat, and you’ll find that it has a leak and a missing wheel.

Find Penelope’s twin sister in her shack by the bus stop. Hand over the boat trip voucher to her. Mention to her that the paddleboat has a leak, and she will ask you to fix the boat.

Go to the treehouse (which you can unlock by receiving the boat trip voucher), and examine the note on the tree. Use the ‘talk’ option on the tree to whistle a tune and then climb up the rope that drops. Next, climb the ladder and you’ll engage in conversation with a strange man in a tin foil hat.

Once you’re done talking to Lessing, use the wind wheel located to the left of Lessing, in order to pick it up.

Next, go to the guesthouse. To the far right of the screen, amidst the buffet, you’ll find a large pot. Use the pot to pick up some brown sauce.

Return to the bus stop with the wind wheel and brown sauce to fix up the boat. (If you don’t see an option to use the two items with the boat, then you need to examine the boat and then talk to Penelope’s sister about the leak).

Truberbrook screenshot

Once you fix the boat with the wind wheel and brown sauce, you can travel to the Swamp. But first, talk to Penelope’s sister at the shack by the bus stop, and you’ll get a postcard. You can use this postcard to fast travel to the areas you have unlocked in the game. The postcard will be accessible when you attempt to leave most areas.

3. Brewing Bolzenschuss (to unlock the weather station)

There’s no real rhyme or reason to this puzzle, but you have to do it to proceed nevertheless.

First, you need to unlock the locked door in the guesthouse. To do this, first go to the swamp. There, you’ll find a half-submerged body wearing yellow gumboots. Use the body to get an old rusty key. Return to the guesthouse and use the key with the locked door to open it.

However, it’s too dark to proceed. So return to your room (where Lazarus Taft is) and pick up the empty jar sitting on top of the ‘hyperlogic coupler’ (to the left of the window). Now go to the bus stop. To the far left of the screen, by the actual bus stop, there is a flickering lamppost. Examine the lamppost and then use it to make Hans kick it. Use the jar with the fireflies that emerge (it is hard to tell if they are highlighted), and Hans will capture them in the jar.

Armed with the jar full of fireflies, return to the guesthouse and enter the previously-locked door. The fireflies will provide you your light, so now you can descend the wooden stairs to find a pot still. To use the pot still, you will need to first learn the recipe to create Bolzenschuss. This is written on a paper note in the dark, to the left of the pot still. Use the hotspot indicator to find it.

Truberbrook screenshot

For the recipe, you need fruit, malt, yeast, and slumbermorel. Two of these can be found in the same room you’re in.

To the far left of the screen, you’ll find a sack on the ground. It contains malt, so grab that.

To the right of the stairs, you’ll find a barrel and a box sitting on top of it. Examine the box to acquire yeast.

Grab the trashcan near the stairs as well – you will need it to get the slumbermorel.

You can find the fruit you need at the treehouse. Whistle at the tree, climb the rope, and you’ll find the fruit to the right of the ladder. Pick up the fruits.

Descend the rope and pick up the second trashcan, found to the far left of the tree.

Now go to the swamp and use the rubber boots on the dead body to pick them up. Highlight the water between where you are and the island with the slumbermorel mushrooms to the right – you will be able to use your rubber boots and two trashcans to walk on water. On the little island, pick up the slumbermorel mushrooms. Use the rubber boots and trashcans again to cross over to the other side.

Now you have all the ingredients. Return to the pot still under the guesthouse and try to use it, then examine the valve under the pot still (you may need to use the hotspot indicator). Hans will comment that you need to ignite the gas.

Return to Trude upstairs and ask her for a light to get a lighter. Return to the pot still now to brew the Bolzenschuss.

Update: Into Indie Games reader ‘mandelbr0t’ informs us this: “As of v1.16 the method for getting the “Got a light?” conversation option with Trude has changed a bit. You need to select the “hand” icon on both the still (“Fire making first”) and then the valve (“Need to find a way to light…”) before talking to Trude (“I’d like to ask you something… -> Got a light?”).” The original walkthrough follows below.

First, light the fire under the pot still by using the lighter with the valve. Add the fruit, then the malt, then the yeast, and finally, the slumbermorel. Now pick up your Bolzenschuss, which you’ll find to the right of the blue flame.

You will wake up by the bus stop now. Walk to the right until you meet the meteorologist. After you talk to her, you can access the weather station using the postcard that Penelope’s sister gave you.

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    As of v1.16 the method for getting the “Got a light?” conversation option with Trude has changed a bit. You need to select the “hand” icon on both the still (“Fire making first”) and then the valve (“Need to find a way to light…”) before talking to Trude (“I’d like to ask you something… -> Got a light?”).

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