Truberbrook Complete Walkthrough – Chapter 4 Part 2 and Chapter 5

In the last two chapters of Truberbrook, finally build and use the quantum discriminator. If you’re stuck, check out our complete walkthrough.

This walkthrough series of Truberbrook covers the game on a puzzle-by-puzzle basis, which involves a lot of backtracking. It also omits side-content that isn’t relevant to the story progression. At all times, it is recommended that you explore the game world yourself and only consult this walkthrough when you’re really stuck.

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Finding a power source for the Quantum Discriminator

After you have unlocked the weather station, go there and try to pick up the shovel. Hans will fail to pick it up, so use your vitamin pills with the shovel to gain more strength and actually pick it up.

Then go to the swamp and to the far right of the screen and examine the green radioactive goop. Hans will mention that he’s not feeling so well, and start glowing green himself.

Travel to the treehouse, and you’ll find the Alpinist there. Talk to her and she’ll comment that you look pale before giving you vitamin pills.

Now head to the town square and use the vitamin pills on the strongman game (to the right of the sailor). Upon winning, you will get a leaden trophy.

Return to the swamp and back to the green stuff to the far right of the screen. Use the shovel with the green stuff to unearth a meteorite. Use the leaden trophy on the meteorite to pick it up. There’s your power source! Return to the quantum discriminator at any time to install the meteorite as your power source.

Finding a coolant

For the coolant, first go to the weather station and talk to the meteorologist. After conversing with her, examine the tank to the far left and try to use it. The meteorologist will ask you not to steal her helium. Talk to her again and ask about the helium.

The meteorologist will ask you to deliver a message to be telegraphed. This message will be displayed on screen as a sequence of numbers that you will have to enter at the guesthouse. It’s a good idea to take a screenshot or picture of this note, because you won’t be able to carry the note with you. You could also just write it down somewhere.

Return to the guesthouse and talk to Trude. Mention the telegram to her, and then enter the numbers according to the note. You will have to fill in some of the smudged parts with your own guesswork, so it may take a couple of tries.

Upon receiving the reply (it ends with “Sensational? Stop.”), return to the meteorologist and report the message. You will receive a screwdriver and be asked to collect data from three weather boxes in the vicinity of Truberbrook.

The weather boxes are located in the swamp, bus stop, and the lookout. Use the screwdriver with each of them to collect data. Once you have data from all three weather boxes, return to the meteorologist and report the recordings.

To store the helium, you will need to go to the bus stop and pick up the inflatable swimming animal located to the left of the Hades shack. Use the swimming animal on the helium tank to pick up the helium, which will serve as your coolant.

Truberbrook screenshot

Finding a particle accelerator

For this puzzle, you will require a screwdriver and a whistle. You can get the screwdriver from the meteorologist. Follow the steps outlined above in the “Finding a coolant” section until you get a screwdriver. You never have to return the screwdriver, so you can safely do this section afterwards also.

For the whistle, you first need to return the fishing rod to Trude. If you have it with you, you can do so immediately. If you don’t have it, you can find it at the bus stop area.

Return to Trude and offer her the fishing rod. She will exchange it for a whistle, choosing to keep the massage rod for herself.

In the town square, buy a cone of roasted almonds from the vendor near the strongman game. Now go to the bus stop, and use the whistle on the tree. This will attract a flock of crows to the tree. Use the almonds on them to feed them and raise their weight.

Now return to the town square and stand outside the guesthouse. Above the guesthouse’s sign, you will notice an antenna. Use the whistle on the antenna to attract your overfed crows.

Enter the guesthouse and use the screwdriver on the TV to remove the screen, and then use the TV to get your Braun tube. There’s your particle accelerator.

Finding an interface device

This puzzle is fairly simple, yet time-consuming. In the town square, give your Bolzenschuss beer to the musician sitting on the stage. This will start a concert sequence that is very lengthy, and that cannot be skipped. Sit through it, choosing the lyrics of the songs as you see fit.

After the concert ends, pick up the accordion lying on the stage. That’s your interface device right there.

Assembling the Quantum Discriminator

Return to your room in the guesthouse and use each of the parts you’ve found with the quantum discriminator. You can really do this in any order and at any time after finding each required part.

Upon assembling the Quantum Discriminator, you will enter Chapter Five.

Truberbrook screenshot

Chapter Five

Walk all the way to the left until you find the hexagon and a few characters. Talk to each of the characters to reveal the hexagon in full. Use the hexagon to find yourself back to inside the vault.

Now you need to resurrect Barbarossa. Use the massive computers to the far left of the screen to reboot Barbarossa. While he reboots, enter the hexagon chamber.

Finish the cutscene with Gretchen so that she is (wo)manhandling Lazarus. Now use the quantum discriminator (QD) with the portal, and you will summon several versions of Hans. Examine the version of Hans in the middle of the screen, within Gretchen’s protective bubble. Now use the console to the right of Gretchen to break the hexagon portal into several shards. Grab the shard that’s within the bubble.

Use the QD with the portal to once again be able to teleport. Teleport to the far left and pick up the shards located there (one is by the door). Use the QD once more with the portal, and teleport to the far right. Pick up the remaining shards to complete the portal again.

Repeat the process from before: use the QD with the portal, and teleport to inside the bubble. Use the console again and this time, you will reveal images of different worlds in the portal. Use the QD with the portal, teleport to the far right, and then step into the portal.

Truberbrook screenshot

You will find yourself in an alternate version of the town square. Examine Gretchen to your right. Tip her over to break the bubble barrier she had on.

Now keep using the QD on her until she is standing by the portal, and then call Barbarossa by using the tall computer console in the centre of the screen (to the immediate right of Lazarus).

This ends the walkthrough for the game! Finish the game by making a crucial decision, and your adventure in Truberbrook is finished. There is a post-credit scene, so you might want to stick around till the very end.

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