Untitled Goose Game Walkthrough: Part 3 (Back Gardens)

The goose is loose! A pair of neighbours are enjoying a pleasant day. Learn how to ruin it for them in our walkthrough of Untitled Goose Game.

Our walkthrough series of Untitled Goose Game covers the game up to the end credits, and it tackles each to-do item independently. It’s recommended that you mess around with the game yourself, and only consult this guide if you’re stuck.

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Untitled Goose Game screenshot

How to navigate the back gardens

There are two yards in the back gardens that you can access, belonging to a man and a woman respectively. To get into the man’s yard, you’ll have to mess with the broken part of the fence.

After that, you can get into the woman’s yard by undoing the yellow rope that is holding together a makseshift fence leading to her yard. (You’ll find it near the roses).

To return from the woman’s yard to the man’s yard, go to the office desk that’s located near the giant bell. Pull the drawer on it all the way out and the wobbly desk will fall, letting you climb onto it and drop back into the man’s yard.

After that, if you need to get into the woman’s yard again, just undo the yellow rope again.

Make someone break the fancy vase

Enter the woman’s yard and pick up the purple vase while she is away. If the makeshift fence is still down, you can get into the man’s yard immediately. If not, use the broken desk to return to the man’s yard.

Drop the vase near the man so that he’ll pick it up and toss it into his neighbour’s yard. Smash!

Help the Woman dress up the bust

While the man is away, steal his pipe from the table he’s sitting by. Take it into the woman’s yard and drop it in the tray in front of the bust. The woman will dress up the bust with it.

Repeat the process for the man’s hat and glasses.

Make the Man spit out his tea

In the woman’s yard, wait by the giant bell and keep the hammer highlighted. When the neighbouring man touches the teacup to his lips, hit the hammer and the man will spit out his tea.

Get dressed up with a ribbon

The fake goose in the woman’s yard (near her easel) has a red ribbon on it. Take the ribbon off and put it somewhere away from the woman. Then, when the woman isn’t looking, drag the fake goose away as well.

Next, put the red ribbon somewhere near the easel, and go to the spot where the fake goose originally was. Use the interact button to take the fake goose’s position. If the woman spots you while doing this, she will force you out, so you have to do this while she isn’t looking.

Honk if necessary, and the woman will think you’re the fake goose. She will take the red ribbon and tie it on to you.

Make the Man go barefoot

When the man is sitting and drinking tea, you can steal one of his slippers when he’s looking the other way.

For the other slipper, wait till he’s reading the newspaper with his legs crossed and snag it while he isn’t looking.

Do the washing

  • To do the washing, you need to take the items to the fountain pool in the man’s yard (near the roses). Be careful not to let the man see what you’re doing, or he might throw the items back into the woman’s yard.
  • You’ll find the bra hanging near the easel and vase.
  • You’ll find the socks hanging by the bra as well (you will need to carry both).
  • You’ll find the slippers worn by the man. Refer to the previous task to find out how to get a slipper off the man.
  • You’ll find the bar of soap on the bathtub in the woman’s yard (near the bust).

Make someone prune the prize rose

In the man’s yard, drag the grey, square-shaped pot with the rose growing out of it as far down as it can go. It should be placed right behind the topiary in the woman’s yard.

Enter the woman’s yard and mess with the topiary until the woman brings out the shears to fix it. As she prunes the topiary, she’ll also end up pruning the rose.

Doing this will unlock the next area of the game, accessible through the hole in the fence in the woman’s yard, after she removes the purple board that was blocking it.

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