Untitled Goose Game Walkthrough: Part 4 (Pub + The End)

The goose is loose! A pub is no place for a goose, but you can learn how to turn the tables in our walkthrough of Untitled Goose Game.

Our walkthrough series of Untitled Goose Game covers the game up to the end credits, and it tackles each to-do item independently. It’s recommended that you mess around with the game yourself, and only consult this guide if you’re stuck.

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Untitled Goose Game

Get into the pub

If you try to get into the pub with the Burly Man at the gate, he will force you out. You can still brute force your way in and hide in a place where the Burly Man cannot reach you, but there’s a more elegant solution to this problem.

To get into the pub, get into the cardboard box that’s near the moving van. Press the interact button and you’ll hide in the box with the flaps closed. Wait for the moving lady to move the box into the pub, and you’re in.

Break the dartboard

Wait for the Old Man to start playing darts. Honk when he is about to throw his dart on the count of three. If you do it right, the dart board will break. If you do it too early or too late, then try again.

Get the toy boat

The toy boat is located in a sink past the eating area, near a wooden door. Turn on the red valve that’s attached to the tap, and wait for the water to overflow, tossing the toy boat out. Once it’s out, grab it with your beak to finish this item.

Make the Old Man fall on his bum

Wait for the Old Man to pull out his harmonica. Just as he’s about to sit down on it, grab the stool and pull it away to have the man fall on his bum. This might take a few tries, because the man can be attentive.

Be awarded a flower

Go near the two ladies sitting on the table with the yellow flower, and stand on the grey drainage cover that’s near them. Honk, duck, and flap your wings to impress the ladies, and they’ll award you with a flower.

Steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal

This is a really tough item. You’ll find several pint glasses in the Pub, so grab one and stealthily carry it out of the pub. A good idea is to honk from inside the dining area to distract the Burly Man. If the Burly Man gets to you, you’ll be forced to drop the glass, shattering it.

Backtrack all the way to the road, and then to the gate that leads to the canal. If you need to lay your glass down, then be sure to duck low and then release the glass, so as to not break it. Open the gate (if needed), head to the canal and drop the glass in the water.

Set the table

You’ll find the ‘table’ in the back area of the Pub, near where the moving lady drops you off. It’s distinguished by a half-laid out tablecloth.

Every item you need for this task can be found in the dining area of the Pub, the one with the wooden flooring. You’ll have to avoid the waitress, though.

Drop a bucket on the Burly Man’s head

In the back area of the Pub, toss some tomatoes out of the box they’re in. Then, get the Burly Man to follow all the way to the back of the Pub. Be careful not to let him drive you out.

Once he’s near the tomatoes, escape via the little passage near the gate. The Burly Man will start putting the tomatoes back into the box. Head up to the dining area, and then out back to where the toy boat was. There should be a bucket on the wall – toss it onto the Burly Man to give him a surprise.

Get into the model village

Once the Burly Man opens the garbage dumpster, you’ll be able to cross over the fence via the open lid. Proceed under the bridge to enter the model village.

Steal the beautiful miniature golden bell

Make your way through the model village, following the same path you did through the actual village in the game. At the end of it, you’ll come to a tower with a bell.

Keep interacting with the tower to chip it away and break it down. Once you expose a yellow-roped beam, pull at it until the tower falls and the bell is available to steal.

…and take it all the way back home

Take the bell and make your way out of the model village. Remember that if you run, the bell will make noise. If anyone manages to grab the bell from your hands, they will take it away. You can grab it again from their hands when they aren’t looking.

Open the gate to the Pub and make your way past the dining area. Get out of the pub and go downwards, past the structure with the red door and the bridge over the canal. At the well, head right and enter the woman’s yard.

In the woman’s yard, pull the drawer out if necessary to create a path to the man’s yard. Take the bell past the man’s yard and into High Street.

Head past High Street back to the way you came from originally. Head into the gate to the Garden and past the groundskeeper.

You’ll be free of the chasing villagers once you get into the river. Return to where the goose came from at the start of the game, and then go towards the bottom of the screen to reveal a stash of stolen bells. Drop your stolen bell in with the stash to complete the game.

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