VirtuaVerse Walkthrough – Nuwaka (Part 1)

Stuck in VirtuaVerse? Find out how to join the church, get access to the local network, access the computer in the Internet Point, and more.

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Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of VirtuaVerse!

VirtuaVerse is a point-and-click adventure game, so it’s best to explore on your own. Pick up what you can, interact with things, talk to people, and examine all the things you can! But if you’re still stuck and don’t know what to do to proceed, find out in our walkthrough guide.

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In Nuwaka, we must find the Cypher Master and have him help us in our crazy plan.

VirtuaVerse screenshot

After arriving in Nuwaka, head right until you reach a signboard and a fork in the road. Go ‘up’, where the signboard says the city is.

This takes you to the town. Talk to the Preacher who is standing right near the entrance to town (he has sunglasses on). Talk to him about his church and finish the conversation to gain access to the local network.

Just to his right, you’ll find an Internet Point. Head in and talk to the Sys Admin to the far right of the screen.

Talk to her about your headset not working here, and then use the curtain on the right-most booth in the Internet Point. Try to use the computer and you’ll find it’s a no-go.

Talk to the Netrunner in the leftmost booth and he’ll refuse to get off the computer. Your goal now is to get him off the computer.

Getting the Netrunner off his computer

Head back out to town and enter the garage next to the Internet Point.

After the cutscene in the garage, talk to the mechanic and ask him about fixing the tour bus. You’ll net the mechanic’s business card.

Head out of the garage and the town and return to your bus. Go right into Travel mode and return to the Blade HQ.

Talk to the Online Services Broker right outside where the bus is parked. After talking about everything, examine his jacket to gain some rapport with him (you will need to turn off your AVR headset to see what’s on the jacket).

VirtuaVerse screenshot

Talk to him about everything again and then use the mechanic’s business card on him. (You may need to talk a few times for this to work).

Watch the cutscene that follows and go back into the bus to travel to Nuwaka.

Return to town and then the garage. Close the door here, then open the keybox to the left of where the door is. Take the key.

Use the garage key on the closed door. Use the directional switch next to the keybox to break the roof and watch the cutscene that follows.

Pick up the pincers on the wall to the left of the car, and then wait for the dog to strain his leash trying to escape. When the leash is taut, use the pincers on it to snip it and watch the cutscene that follows.

The computer is now free! Go to the Internet Point again and use the computer to the left. This will finally give you access to the AVR network.

Finding the Cypher Master

To find the Cypher Master, begin by going out of town and heading right at the fork, so that you go to the jungle. Continue on right towards the waterfall. Go all the way right from the waterfall to the hut. Enter the hut with your AVR headset turned on.

VirtuaVerse screenshot

Use the Holographic Statue from your inventory on the Skull Table and then ring the bell to the right of the screen. Talk to the person who shows up, and after your conversation, ring the bell again to talk to them a second time. To talk to the Cypher Master proper, you will need to find the special fruit that grows near the waterfall.

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