VirtuaVerse Walkthrough – Pill Street (Part 2)

Stuck in VirtuaVerse? Find out how to get cartridges for the beggar, how to blackmail the merchant, and how to dispose of the restaurant food.

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Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of VirtuaVerse!

VirtuaVerse is a point-and-click adventure game, so it’s best to explore on your own. Pick up what you can, interact with things, talk to people, and examine all the things you can! But if you’re still stuck and don’t know what to do to proceed, find out in our walkthrough guide.

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Pill Street – Getting the Lens

Return to Main Street (where your bike is parked), and then head into the Alley. This is located immediately to the left of the terminal where you bought your pizza from.

From the Alley, go to the Back Alley, which is to the far right of the screen, beyond the restaurant entrance.

The beggar here throws away a pair of glasses that you can use, but he won’t let you go dumpster diving, so you’re going to have to find a way to distract him.

First, talk with the beggar and ask him about the AVR glasses.

After this return to Main Street by walking all the way to the left twice. From the Main Street, go to the bottom-right of the screen, where you’ll find a Strange Dude hanging out by a chain link fence. Talk to him about what he’s doing there, and then ask him about what he’s got.

The Smuggler will tell you that you need to provide him boosters in exchange for cartridges. Use the Meds from your inventory with the Smuggler to get your cartridge.

With the Heavenly Cartridge, head back to the beggar in the Back Alley. Use your cartridge on him. Wait for him to use the cartridge and watch what happens.

Now you need to get him a stronger cartridge, so talk to the Smuggler in Main Street again. Ask him about a more powerful cartridge, and you’ll learn that you need more powerful activators to trade. These can be found at the Merchant next to the Smuggler.

VirtuaVerse screenshot

Talk to the Merchant in the store with the large capsule sign, and ask him about tracer activators. He is on his lunch break, so now you need to try some… underhanded means.

Go to the terminal where you bought pizza from, and this time use the Dating app. When asked for your ID card, use the PlaySafe card from your apartment. Scroll down in the app and interact with ‘SAM.36’ in the bottom row.

Wait for the conversation to end, and then press the ‘PRINT’ button below the profile pictures.

Exit the terminal and go to the Merchant. Talk to him and tell him about the interesting photo. He will agree to sell you tracer activators now, but you still need the cash for it.

As the terminal in Main Street doesn’t allow for cash withdrawals, you need to find a different terminal. Go back to the shop in Backstreet and use the terminal there. Go to ‘Money’, use the credit card when prompted, and withdraw any amount of money.

After you have the money, exit the Terminal and return to the Merchant. Tell him you have his money, and he’ll give you the activators. Give the tracer activators to the Merchant. Now you have the 4GB cartridge, so return to the beggar in the Back Alley.

Offer him the 4GB Dope Cartridge and he’ll refuse to take it from you, so you’re going to have to find a way to trick him into using the cartridge. For this, first you need to distract him with food.

VirtuaVerse screenshot

Go back to the Alley and enter the Restaurant. Here, talk to the Silent Chap on the right of the screen. Ask him if he is a regular and you’ll learn that he hates spicy food. So now it’s time to get him spicy food.

Head back to Main Street and use the Vending Machine that’s near the Backstreet entrance. Use your Heap of Coins on the coin slot, and then buy the Spicy Juice to the bottom-left of the screen.

Head back out and return to the restaurant. Use the stool to the right of the Chubby Guy. Here, you’ll get a close-up view of plates being served. Wait for a blue plate to show up in front of you, and then use the Spicy Juice on it.

Thanks to your antics, the Silent Chap will raise a stink and the chef will dispose of the food.

Head out of the Restaurant and immediately go to the Back Alley. If you go elsewhere, the beggar will have cleaned out the disposed food, and you will have to re-do the steps in the restaurant.

If the beggar is distracted when you arrive in the Back Alley, use your 4GB Dope Cartridge on the pile of cartridges lying between the beggar and the restaurant’s backdoor.

After the beggar is distracted, use the dumpster to get your disposable AVR glasses.

To actually fix your headset, you need a workbench. Return to your bike in Main Street and use it to return to your apartment.

Go left and use the Balcony Switch, then the Balcony to go to your apartment.

Use the elevator to go upstairs and use the Disposable AVR Glasses on the workbench to the far right. Next, use the battery with the workbench. If you haven’t already got the battery for your AVR glasses, you can get it by using the Screwdriver Set on the Hoverboard in your inventory at any time.

Now that you have your AVR headset working, you can switch it on and off at any time using the button in the top-right of the screen. Use the elevator to go downstairs and watch the cutscene that follows.

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