VirtuaVerse Walkthrough – Space Station (Part 1)

Stuck in VirtuaVerse? Find out how to initiate the attack, venture into space, find the floating robot, and open up access to the lab.

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Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of VirtuaVerse!

VirtuaVerse is a point-and-click adventure game, so it’s best to explore on your own. Pick up what you can, interact with things, talk to people, and examine all the things you can! But if you’re still stuck and don’t know what to do to proceed, find out in our walkthrough guide.

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Space Station

It’s time to head up to the stars. Go left and talk to the Ticket Lady. After the conversation, head far right to the gates.

After the cutscene ends and Nathan remarks that he has no time for tourism, head left and into the door marked Space Museum.

VirtuaVerse screenshot

Here, you can use the Radio in your inventory safely. Do so. As you converse with Ramirez and Jay, tell them to start the DDoS attack and watch the synth metal cutscene that follows.

Head out of the Museum when you regain control. Use the Sliding Door in the corridor outside to follow the businessmen. After the cutscene, you can proceed to the Space Station proper. To do so, though, he will first need to suit up.

Head back out to the corridor and open the Emergency Box. Pick up the Axe and head into the Space Museum. Here, use the Axe on the Space Suit. Grab the Space Suit.

Before we head out, we should also pilfer some other useful things. Use your Axe on the orange display case to the right of the Moon Poster, and then pick up the Handle from this orange display case.

Also grab the Ancient GPU found on the shelves right next to the entrance door to the Museum.

Now return to the airlock (past the Sliding Door) and use the Knobs to the left of the Pressurised Door. Nathan will wear the suit automatically and head out into space.

With the main entrance blocked, you’ll need to find an alternate way. This way is right below the entrance, and you can see it as a dark accessway.

Once inside, you’re going to need some guidance, so interact with the Floating Robot on the right side of the screen. Once the Robot asks you to follow it, do as asked and go right.

VirtuaVerse walkthrough

After the conversation in the next room, try going to the far right or to the area below. Nathan will remark that something invisible is in the way, so use the radio again to call up base. Tell them about the invisible thing in the room.

After Jay’s advice, open up your inventory and find your AVR Drawing Tool. Use it on the right side of the screen to reveal what Xenon is hiding.

Report back to base by using the Radio and tell the gang what you’ve seen.

Head up from this room, then up another screen, until you reach the Observatory. Use the AVR Drawing Tool here to reveal the Throne. Use it and you’ll be asked for a user ID. Close the screen using the button at the upper-right.

Your objective now is to find out the name of a crew member so you can gain access to the Command Center.

Head back down to the Tech Depot (the room with the giant heart), and notice the locker in the lower-left portion of the screen. Use your handle on it to open it up.

Grab the Soldering Helping Hand from inside the Locker.

Head back out to the of the Space Station the same way you came and return to the Tourist Station. Go into the Museum and head to the far right to find a photo of a man in a red space suit.

Use the Soldering Helping Hand on this photo. Now you know the gentleman’s name.

Once again, backtrack all the way to the Observatory with the Throne, where we were asked for the user ID. Remember, the path is Viewport -> Sliding Door -> Bridge -> Tech Depot -> Tunnel -> Observatory.

Once again, use your AVR Drawing Tool and sit on the Throne. This will give you access to the controls. On the right side of the screen, under Door Control, tap on the “Close” next to “Lab”, so that it becomes “Open”.

Now head out of this screen and backtrack all the way to Space.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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