Wandersong Story Walkthrough – Act Five (Part 1)

Stuck in Wandersong? This walkthrough will be music to your ears. Read on to find out what to do in the fifth act, in the land of Rulle.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Wandersong!

Wandersong, like most adventure games, is best played by exploring it freely yourself. But if you’re stuck or you have forgotten what you need to do, do consult this walkthrough!

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Act Five: The War twixt Two Kingdoms

Part 1 (Rulle)

This act starts with an airborne conversation. After it’s over, enter the inn near where you land. Talk to the innkeeper and you’ll learn about the inn’s ghost problem. As you’re the obvious person to handle this situation, head right, up the stairs, and then go to the door at the far right of the hallway.

Turns out the door is locked, so head all the way left again (it might take a little longer to get there). Go through the door and then head right to find the ghost in question.

As with previous ghosts, you need to match the ghost’s notes to tame it. The ghost will also lay coloured gates to stop you – you can break through them by singing in the similarly-coloured note as you run through them. Next, you’ll find yourself falling down alongside the ghost. The ghost will release coloured orbs at you, which are marked by colour and direction. Sing the correct note as the orb ‘hits’ you in order to break the orb. Keep an eye on the order in which the orbs are released, as they will hit you in the same order.

After taming the ghost, you will finally be able to communicate with it. The ghost will give you a new mission, and it involves quite the journey. Return to the innkeeper to converse with the people there and learn about the land you find yourself in.

After the conversation, head out of the inn and exit the screen to the right.

You’ll find yourself in the ‘overworld’ map now, but it’s really a linear, side-scrolling level as always. Head all the way to the right, until you get to a wall, and interact with it. Then, run right to the wall and get past the hole in it (thanks Miriam). Exit the screen to the right.

Keep going right through the forest and you will be attacked by a dark spirit. The dark spirit has a coloured aura – sing in the colour of that aura to repel the spirit.

Wandersong screenshot

After this, you will have to march right while repelling the onslaught of the dark spirits. Ignore the spirits themselves and keep an eye on your singing wheel. Whenever a colour gets darker and approaches the Bard, sing in that colour to restore its position. Keep doing this as you march (it will take quite a while) and you’ll finally be clear of the spirits.

Run to the right and then cross the bridge in the next screen. This will trigger a conversation, after which you’ll be able to enter the walled village. Another conversation follows, and then you’ll be free to talk to the villagers.

To continue with the story, talk to Phil (the bearded man with the big nose). Talk to him twice and agree to getting the fire going. As you sit by the campfire at night, you’ll get another singing-story section. Follow the guitar icon to sing the correct notes and continue all the way through the song.

After the conversation, it’ll be morning again. Head right and talk to Phil, then Miriam. It’s time to get flying.

Fly with Miriam to the right through the forest, all the way until you reach the city of Xiatian. Enter it, and head right past the giant dead monster. After conversing with the rainbow girl, head into the city proper.

Head right past Audrey to have a conversation with Miriam, and then continue right until you find a sign board that says “Xiatian palace up this hill”. Jump up the hill, head all the way left, jump up another hill and go right. At the sign board marking the Xiatian Palace Gardens, head through the gate and up the hill until you get to the palace itself.

Talk to the palace guard and after the conversation is over, head back down the hills to the gate you came through. After talking to Miriam, head back into the city, where you’ll find that the people are free to talk to now. Feel free to converse with them as you wish.

To proceed, enter the lodge (it’s a red building marked “Lodge”) and talk to Audrey. She’ll agree to help you if you’ll do a fetch quest for her. Head out of the lodge and then one screen left, where you’ll find the potion shop roughly in the middle. Enter it and talk to the shopkeeper for a conversation.

Head out of the potion shop for a change of plans and an even bigger fetch quest. You will now have to collect five ingredients for the Potion of Power, and they’re scattered across the city.

You will find the two red leaves on one screen of the city each, where they will be located on a lime-green tree. In order to grab the leaf in a given screen, you need to bring all five butterflies on that screen to the tree. To attract a butterfly, sing near it and then keep singing without pause. If you do pause, the butterfly will return to its regular location. Also, you cannot ‘drop’ the butterflies at the tree: you need to keep singing across town until you have all five, and then return to the tree with the red leaf. Bear in mind that if you leave the screen, you will lose the butterflies and you will have to attract them all over again.

For the mushroom, head to the market on the left screen and talk to the merchant wearing a red panda outfit. He will want you to sing a promotional jingle for him. First, compose the song within the time limit, and if you are satisfied with it, proceed with singing it. It’s best to keep the song simple – such as by using notes that are next to each other, or opposite to each other. You will have to sing the song several times, attracting customers as you go, before the merchant is satisfied enough to give you the mushroom.

For the frog, go to the boy holding a dead frog and standing below the potion shop. Talk to him and he’ll just hand the frog over to you.

For the flower, go right past the city proper along a beige wall until you find Miriam. She’s found the flower, but getting it will be a hassle. Head to the double-door to the right and knock on it to talk to an old lady. You’ll have to do this twice to get her to agree to part with the flower. First, however, you need to move the leaves out of her yard. Doing this is as simple as singing in the direction you want to send the leaves flying. Keep singing to the left and right, shooting the flowers out of the yard, and eventually the old lady will reappear to reward you with cookies (and of course, the flower).

After you have all the ingredients necessary, head back to where the lodge is and talk to Miriam outside the lodge. Miriam will mix up the potion. After she’s done, head right to give the potion to Audrey.

After this, you finally get to meet the monarch of Rulle. You will have to follow Audrey to the throne room, which is going to take a while given how slowly Audrey walks. Once you finally get to the king, the message within the Bard will burst out in song. As usual, sing according to the marked notes to reveal the message intended for the king.

After the song, the Bard will fall unconscious, and you’ll once again find yourself airborne. There’s a lengthy conversation to be had, as Miriam tells you about what happened since the Bard passed out.

After landing at the nexus point, Miriam will play the Overseer’s song on her piccolo, and you’ll have another conversation as the day turns to night.

Wandersong screenshot

Head out of the Sky Temple and exit the screen to enter the Overworld again. Head left from here to make your way to Chaandesh. Continue into the forest for a rather rude landing.

After the conversation, head left to where the Spell Squad went. In the next screen, jump up to the higher ledge, where you’ll find the Spell Squad squaring off against a giant monster. Dive straight into battle, where you’ll find Vivian and Sandra being harassed by spirits. Sing in the colour of the spirits’ auras to dispel them.

This starts the boss fight with the monster! The monster’s impending attack will be marked by a crosshair on the Bard. You can’t avoid it until it gets ‘locked’, so don’t worry too much about it. Instead, focus on helping the Spell Squad – when you see Vivian or Sandra preparing a spell, start singing near them and then match the colour of their spell to launch the spell at the monster.

Wandersong screenshot

Midway through the battle, Miriam will join you, but the rules of the battle stay the same. Keep dispelling the spirits from the spellcasters and helping them launch their spells.

Once the monster is defeated, you’ll head towards your next destination… which turns out to not be the capital of Mohabumi, but rather, a paddle boat.

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