Wandersong Story Walkthrough – Act Five (Part 2)

Stuck in Wandersong? This walkthrough will be music to your ears. Read on to find out what to do in the fifth act, in the land of Chaandesh.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Wandersong!

Wandersong, like most adventure games, is best played by exploring it freely yourself. But if you’re stuck or you have forgotten what you need to do, do consult this walkthrough!

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Act Five: The War twixt Two Kingdoms (Continued)

Part 2 (Chaandesh)

On the paddle boat, you will first converse with Miriam. After the conversation, head left to talk to the blue-haired woman with a monocle. As you learn from her, there is another band on this boat, and while it’s perfectly capable of playing music, it needs the actual music to play.

Head indoors and talk to the people to meet the three musicians on board. Compose music for each of them. You won’t have to play the music yourself, so don’t worry about what you compose for them.

Once they all have their music, head back out and talk to the blue-haired woman again. It’ll be time for the show, so listen to the fruit of your creative labour. Another conversation follows, and then you’ll find the boat approaching your destination.

The Bard will be contacted by the spirit of the princess that gave him the message earlier in the act. She has your next goal: to talk to the Queen of Chaandesh. After the conversation, the boat will dock and you will receive a complimentary map from the ship’s captain.

From here on, you can explore the city of Mohabumi, which is a very expansive place spanning a whole bunch of game screens. The map will come in handy.

To proceed with the story, head as far to the left as possible, into the library. Here, you’ll meet Candra. Talk to her, and after the conversation, you will have access to a musical spell. Sing the spell to make the crystal ball bouncy. This spell will let you explore new areas in Mohabumi, so be sure to take a spin around town and bounce up to new places.

Your next goal will be marked on the map, so head towards it. At the edge of the cliff, you’ll find a building where you’ll meet Badriyah. Hala will talk to her and you will gain access to another spell, this one letting you walk on the crystal walls. As before, this will let you access new places.

You can only have one spell active at a time, but you can switch spells as often as you like. You will have to re-sing the spell each time you enter a new screen, however.

With the wall-walking spell, it is recommended that you check out The Crater, a nightlife hotspot where you can attend a concert and have a very important conversation with Miriam.

When you’re ready to proceed, follow the map to get to the next sister: Amaris. To get to her, you will have to make alternating use of the two spells you have learnt so far. Talk to Amaris, and you will have access to a new spell that lets you walk through the crystal blocks.

To reach the next objective, follow the map and use the three spells you have learnt as necessary. Once you reach the outdoor walkway, go left and use the walk-through spell to pass the crystal block in the way. You’ll find Mohabumi Palace on the other side, so enter it and go all the way left to find another of Hala’s sisters, Purnima.

Wandersong screenshot

After talking to Purnima, talk to the Queen of Chaandesh and convey Hala’s message by singing the marked notes. At the end of it all, the Bard will be on the floor and another conversation will follow.

After the conversation ends, exit to the right and keep going until you’re stopped. You will be taught the Overseer song here, so head out and go back the way you came. Keep going until you meet Miriam and talk to her to return to the nexus point.

At the nexus point, feel free to ask any questions you have, and then sing the Overseer song to enter the spirit world.

In the spirit world, you’ll end up on an icy platform with no way off. Run around to the left and right until you meet a new character: the Moon Fairy. She’ll tell you what you need to do here and open up the path for you, so head right.

The mechanic here consists of glowing orbs that you can sing to in order to expand them into giant bubbles. Once you enter a bubble, you can fly freely within it and if you exit it, you will be launched at speed.

Keep singing at the bubbles and jumping from one bubble to the next. As you may have noticed, your singing now illuminates a cone of light that you can use to aim for the bubbles. It may take some practice to jump from one bubble to the next, so keep trying!

At the very end of this sequence of puzzles, you’ll find a shaft with orb that activates a beam of light when you sing to it. This beam will carry you far to the right and into the Sun King’s Palace.

Enter the place to find yourself in pitch darkness. You can use your singing-light to spot ledges and platforms, but otherwise, you’ll have to walk around in the dark. Head right and up as required, until you find a purple monster. The monster has a pink cone of vision that you want to avoid at all costs. Thankfully, the monster can’t see your singing-light, so feel free to sing as you wish.

For the first monster, you’ll notice that his vision snaps 90 degrees anti-clockwise. When he’s looking to the right, jump on to the platform he’s on and walk underneath him. When he looks up, head past the monster to the right.

The second monster cannot be avoided. Wait until his cone of vision goes to the right and run straight into it. The monster will spot you and chase you, so keep running to the right while singing and you’ll expand a light bubble. As it turns out, the monsters are repelled by the light bubbles.

Proceed onwards and upwards to find another monster. This time, there is a platform below the monster that is blocking its cone of vision. When the monster looks right, run under the platform and wait. If you stand in the shadow, the monster won’t spot you. When it looks left, make a run for the right.

Here, you’ll find a lock. Proceed upwards and to the left, and you’ll find a key for the lock. Proceed to the right from the lock, past the gap. Here, there’s another monster with a shadow platform underneath. Grab the key when it isn’t looking, use the platform for cover as required, and return to the gap we ignored before. Jump down to find the lock and unlock it to proceed.

Continue to the right, past another gap, to find a set of two locks above and a monster to the right. For the first key, you’re going to have to jump straight into the monster’s gaze. Jump into the gap, grab the key, and run left to the light bubble. Once the monster is gone, take the key back up to the locks to unlock the first gate.

After the first lock is done with, jump over the monster who chased you, onto the next platform. Proceed right to find another monster, who looks left and up.

As before, you can use shadows to avoid his gaze. First, jump onto the platform to the monster’s upper-left, then grab the key on your way to the platform to the monster’s upper-right. Of course, you’ll have to time your jumps for when the monster isn’t looking. Repeat the jumps to return to the locks and unlock the first gate. If the monster does spot you, try and make a beeline for the light bubble located in the gap before the locks.

With the second gate unlocked, head up and right. Continue jumping up ledges to the right and you’ll find Sunny, the Sun Fairy. He’s very chill, but he’s also locked in a cage. Jump over his cage and head to the right to find a monster. Run past the monster to the shadow in the right (while avoiding his gaze, of course), and then jump up the platforms to find another monster.

As before, you have to use the platform’s shadow to get past the monster. The only difference is that the platform is above the monster instead of below it. Jump onto the platform and then to the right while the monster isn’t looking.

Yet another monster appears to the right. This one looks slowly from left to right before snapping its attention to the left again. Jump across the obstacle and when the monster is looking to the right, run under the monster (when it snaps to the left, it will look anti-clockwise, so it won’t spot you).

Drop down the ledges from here and proceed right to find the most intimidating monster yet. It doesn’t seem to let up its eye on the key below, so you have no choice but to run into its vision. Wait for it to look to the right, grab the key, and run as quickly as you can all the way back to Sunny’s cage. The other monsters will be gone, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Once you make it to Sunny’s cage, the light bubble will expand and knock away the monster that was chasing you.

Use the light bubble to jump upwards, to the next bubble. Continue jumping from bubble to bubble and exit to the left.

Wandersong screenshot

Finally, you’re out of the castle, and you’ll meet a familiar face here.

After the long conversation, talk to Miriam and then you’ll be free to learn the next piece of the Earthsong. For this one, you need to jump on the right piano keys, as marked by the white glow.

This one’s a bit tricky, so take your time and watch the order of the keys before jumping. You don’t have to do them within a time limit, just in the correct order. Also, a key only sounds when you jump on it, not when you simply step on it. Keep this in mind for when you need to reach keys that are further away.

Wandersong screenshot

Once you play your keys right, you’ll learn the next part of the Earthsong and return to the normal world. Watch the conversation unfold and then head right (at a snail’s pace). Descend the Sky Temple (or what’s left of it), and you’ll find a situation going on at its base. Once you’ve descended far enough, the Bard will get involved.

Wandersong screenshot

Another song will burst forth from the Bard. Sing the notes marked by the sun and moon symbols until the song ends. After the conversation, you’ll enter another conversation, this time with Miriam. After this conversation ends, hop onto Sandra’s broom and you’ll be whisked away to Act Six.

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